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EU policy initiative

Give Free Knowledge a Voice


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Free Knowledge and European Lawmaking - Read the Report

Creating and maintaining free knowledge in the largest encyclopedia online is Wikipedias daily work, and it should remain the main focus of the movement. However, in recent years we have seen different policies threatening what we do online. SOPA and PIPA have been regarded as a threat by WMF, and were subsequently opposed and are now on a permanent hold in the U.S. Congress. This shows, that Wikimedia / Wikipedia can raise its voice - and have real impact.

However, the movement is not forced to only be reactive. We can position ourselves in ongoing policy debates in the European Union and help create (or maintain, for some parts) a solid infrastructure for the free sharing of knowledge online. [Examples!?]"

We therefore propose to get our hands dirty, and involve ourselves in EU policy-making. To be an informed actor in EU policy debates is of course very much different from writing an online encyclopedia. Only, it is not, really. Facts are presented, and the mission of the WIkipedia movement will be furthered by advocating good legislation on orphaned works to re-use in WikiBooks, protect the freedom of those taking pictures of Monuments to upload then on commons or to further legislation that enables citizens to gain better access to their governments documents.

Goings-on, week 17