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Plenty to do for everyone!
Join the effort!

Here we will show you how you can help us change copyright legislation in Europe. We aim to gather the activities that are easiest to replicate so you can quickly get started. For any purpose, don't hesitate to contact us writing to

Visiting WEASELs[edit]

We need volunteers to come to Brussels to talk to MEPs from their countries. This way not only the Brussels process is helped, but we get to transfer valuable knowledge back to participating countries.


Most authors are on our side, but their alleged representatives work against them.


Mailings to MEPs[edit]

Progress: Preparation
What's the plan?
Our United Kingdom chapter sent all UK Members of the European Parliament a letter outlining our three core issues asking for a change in legislation. This helped them start the conversation with some of them. We would like to have other countries emulate an initiative.
What's the timeline?
Preparations start July and sent-out should be in January.
Who are we looking for?
Preferrably Chapters, but can be done in the name of user-groups or community members.
What exactly needs to be done?
Translate the WMUK letter into your local language. Send it out to your countries' MEPs via snail mail and email.
Who to talk to? or Talk Page

Adopt a MEP[edit]

What's the plan?
Every interested Wikimedian picks a MEP, gets in touch with her/him and builds up a personal relationship over the next 5 years advocating for digital rights and more importantly our core issues around copyright reform. Volunteers will be assisted by the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU with information, advice, arguments and will be involved in our strategy discussions and related actions.
What's the timeline?
Who are we looking for?
Individual volunteers. Everyone can join!
What exactly needs to be done?
Get in touch with Dimi (below), so we know who is talking to whom. Write an email to your MEP in your language. Call the MEP or their office. Offer to meet in person back home to explain our issues. Keep in touch over the years, especially when relevant legal proceedings reach the European Parliament.
Who to talk to? or Talk Page

Networking Meetings[edit]

What's the plan?
Organise a networking meeting to get better connected to like-minded people. If it is fun and there is a topical theme it will work!
Depending on you availability and target group. If you are trying to meet with other activists or civil society organisations after-work events will work.
Example to copy?
NetPoliticsBeerX events have taken place in many cities across Europe. They are still regularly happening in Brussels and Berlin. A very easy way to start as you just need to book a table a nice pub, invited several people you know will be interested to talk politics and promote it on social media.
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