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  • Eligibility to attend -- I'm a chapter rep; avoid addressing the APG question.
  • Registered? Registration closes Sun/Mon Jan 15 2018
  • when to travel? Conference is Fri Apr 20 to Sun Apr 22, with two days of preconference. i expect to share a room and should fly in circa April 15 and out around the end of the month I guess.
  • here.
  • If you are interested in participating in the pre-conference Learning Days or Boards Training Workshop please read the relevant sections carefully, before filling in the registration form. -- I'd better not commit to this.
  • Must have extended passport -- current passport needs renewal before this trip

Registration Q's and A's[edit]

This helps shape the program of the conference.

  • wikisource, wikidata, wiki conference, public policy, Whose Knowledge?
  • roles, responsibilities and resources be shared across the movement
  • what structures do we need to successfully move forward in the new direction
  • how can we bring people and knowledge in
  • Review [1] and use its words
  • phase 2:
  • conditions: networking, and safe spaces, elim harassment, diversity
  • answer as a chapter rep
  • What does “Knowledge as a service“ mean for your organization/group/community and its future activities? "Knowledge as a service: To serve our users, we will become a platform that serves open knowledge to the world across interfaces and communities. We will build tools for allies and partners to organize and exchange free knowledge beyond Wikimedia. Our infrastructure will enable us and others to collect and use different forms of free, trusted knowledge." -- wikidata, usable services from wikidata, wikisource, and articles to be reached fast by govt sites; wikisource for patents
    • Draft: Our chapter often partners with GLAM and government institutions, for editing events for example. Several of our members and local participants have roles in government, governance, and GLAM institutions. Wikimedia’s base of knowledge can become more directly useful as it becomes easier to use Wikidata and Wikisource information through automated services, e.g. direct links to wikidata items from internal government servers, and uploads of storage and digitization of museum photographs and systematic documents such as patents, which I personally work on. The information becomes usable as knowledge as it is better linked, access systematized, and its provenance and sources are made clear. Practically speaking, we cannot individually read everything and make our own evaluations and decisions about every microscopic thing; Wikimedia and information institutions must make their information systematically useful to people through network mechanisms with trust and verification. Our chapter can help this happen.
  • What does “Knowledge equity“ mean for your organization/group/community and its future activities? The paragraph is: "Knowledge equity: As a social movement, we will focus our efforts on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege. We will welcome people from every background to build strong and diverse communities. We will break down the social, political, and technical barriers preventing people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge." -- build access into software ; offer free training and editathon events; offer multilingual events; support research into this
    • Our chapter hosts many editing events which welcome and train new participants routinely. Afterward they understand the Wikimedia system better, and can think about its meaning, reliability, and usefulness for their own purposes. We hold some events designed especially to include participants from underserved or ill-connected communities and we have an agreement on our Board to do more of this as opportunities appear.
  • What kind of conditions do you need to realize these activities? Describe what you think would be good conditions for you to move forward in this direction. Think of conditions in the broadest sense; e.g., capacity, skills, partnerships, clarification, structures and processes, room for development or experimentation, financial resources, people, access to other means of support etc.
  • Our conditions are good. We have good financing from the WMF and other donors at present. Or internal agreement within the chapter is good.
  • movement Partnerships
  • Is there an insight, idea, method or something else around partnerships you can imagine to share or talk about during the Wikimedia Conference?
    • Public policy ; wikidata training; govt use of wikis
  • Is there an insight, idea, method or something else around partnerships you would like to learn about during the Wikimedia Conference? r
  • re diversity: multilingual, South, global South, Arabic partnership, broad topics
  • What is your wish or hope regarding Partnerships within and beyond the Wikimedia movement based on the Strategic Direction?
  • What do you need to fulfill this wish or hope?
  • Capacity Building & Learning: Please name one or two skills, tools, or resources, that you want to be able to bring back home to your local organization/group -- easy training and links for wikidata editing and games; an understanding of how larger chapters are organized and what the individual roles are.
  • How can you contribute to the Wikimedia Conference? What skills, knowledge or insights can you bring to share that others can learn/benefit from? -- many editathons, academic info on open source activity ; role in govt
  • glam camp
  • look at annual plan regarding what we said we're gonna do
  • two big things: training for board members?
  • 3-5 sentences per question

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