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Asad Ali Jogi.
Software Engineer, AlRehmat Foundation.
"Never give up, you can't be defeated until you think so--ASADJOGI"

About me

Hey there! My nickname is Jogi don and I am a Software engineer, blogger, social activist and humanist .I started out editing in 2011 on English Wikipedia.

My work

I like to do write articles, essays,translations, make software as well as painting. I would like to collaborate with others, on Wikimedia projects, and more. Anyone can make suggestions. I am glad to receive tips and I'm glad to be here. If you find any type of error in my texts, feel free to leave a message, or to correct it by yourself. After all, Wikimedia are made by everyone!

Contact me

and also on Twitter & Facebook with the nick ' JogiAsadMirwahi ' JAM align=right

WikiVoyage artcile written by me

This Translator translates from
English to Sindhi.

This Translator translates from
English to Urdu.

My most active talk pages
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My created Categories[edit]

  1. Category:Sindhi Wikipedians

Categories for Wikidata[edit]

  1. Category:Help-sd
  2. Category:Wikidata-sd

My Translations[edit]

TO Do[edit]

Request for Sindhi WikiVoyage Sindhi Wikivoyage..