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Sindhi Wikimedians

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سنڌي وڪيميڊينز يوزر لوگو

Sindhi Wikimedians (Sindhi:سنڌي وڪيميڊينز) is a group of Wikimedians which work on various wiki projects related to Sindhi language and culture. Anyone can become a member of this group.

Sindhi Wikimedians are dedicated to work for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in Sindhi language. However, the user group is not responsible for the content on Sindhi Wikimedia Projects.


  • To enrich Sindhi Wikipedia.
  • To introduce Sindhi Wikipedia to the Sindhi people and Sindhi diaspora; make awareness about Wikipedia in general within across Pakistan and Indian Sindhi community.
  • To encourage people to become contributors on Wikipedia in general and in Sindhi Wikipedia.
  • To make friendship and collaboration with other Wiki communities and other institutions, universities or organisations.
  • To develop the other Wikimedia projects in Sindhi Language.

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Mailing list[edit]

wikimedia-sd(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org (Subscribe here)

Upcoming Meetups[edit]

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  • The bylaws of the organisation are available here.

Recognition Sindhi Wikimedians User Group - November 2015

  • Not yet!

Sindhi Wikimedians
(Promoting Wikimedia projects in Sindhi language)
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