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This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Newsletter/2023/February and the translation is 26% complete.

Editing news 2023 #1

Đọc bản tin này bằng ngôn ngữ khácDanh sách nhận bản tin đa ngôn ngữ này

Bản tin này bao gồm hai cập nhật quan trọng về công việc của nhóm Sửa đổi:

  1. Nhóm Sửa đổi sẽ hoàn thành việc bổ sung và triển khai tính năng mới vào Dự án Trang thảo luận.
  2. Họ đang bắt đầu cho một dự án mới, Kiểm tra sửa đổi.

Dự án Trang thảo luận

Screenshot showing the talk page design changes that are currently available as beta features at all Wikimedia wikis. These features include information about the number of people and comments within each discussion.
Some of the upcoming changes

The Editing team is nearly finished with this first phase of the Talk pages project. Nearly all new features are available now in the Beta Feature for Discussion tools.

It will show information about how active a discussion is, such as the date of the most recent comment. There will soon be a new "Add topic" button. You will be able to turn them off at Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion. Please tell them what you think.

Daily edit completion rate by test group: DiscussionTools (test group) and MobileFrontend overlay (control group)

An A/B test for Discussion tools on the mobile site has finished. Editors were more successful with Discussion tools. The Editing team is enabling these features for all editors on the mobile site.

New Project: Edit Check

The Editing team is beginning a project to help new editors of Wikipedia. It will help people identify some problems before they click "Publish changes". The first tool will encourage people to add references when they add new content. Please watch that page for more information. You can join a conference call on 3 March 2023 to learn more.

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