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Wikimedia Quarto/September 2004 edition

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Current translations[edit]

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Many thanks to our Board, who got the newsletter off of the ground:
Board of Trustees : w:en:user:Jimmy Wales, Angela Beesley, Michael Davis, Florence Nibart-Devouard (Anthere), w:en:user:Tim Shell.

Anthere doubled as the Executive Editor and producer of the newsletter, sustaining enthusiasm for the project, finding people to work on it, and keeping an eye on the development of every section.

Thanks likewise to the staff who came together on a moment's notice; especially Jean-Christophe Chazalette, the newsletter's graphic designer and first fan, who was enthusiastic about the project from the first day and pulled beauty out of a hundred conflicting suggestions. And of course, many thanks to our Editor-in-Chief Sj, whose dedication, persistence, responsiveness and kindness have made this entirely mad idea a worldwide and professional newsletter.

Contributing Writers In addition to the open letters from the founder and the Board, writing was shared by many people:

Many people also submitted ideas for columns, image suggestions, and blurbs for local projects.

Contributing Copyeditors

Ruth Ifcher (lead en: proofreader and local hero), Aphaia, Ayman, Danny Wool, Joseph Dwayne, Mathias Schindler & Sjc (press quotes), Qtn, Blakwolf, plus the many translators and critics who commented on the initial revisions and talk pages.

Contributing Translators

Ar: Ayman (lots of ar:)
De: Aphaia, Paddyez, Philipendula, Robert Kropf, Sansculotte, Spektr
En: Anthere, Nicolas Weeger, Sj
Es: Strxg
Fi: MikkoM, Nikerabbit, *Stonda
Fr: Anthere, FoeNyx, Looxix, Nicolas Weeger (lead editor), Roby, Yann Forget
It: Ancem, Frieda, Schopenhauer, Blakwolf
Ja: Aphaia (lots of ja: and organization), Suisui (lots of ja:), Electric goat, Gleam, Kzhr, MHz, Modeha, Tietew, Tomos
Ko: 아흔(A-heun) (single-handedly!)
Kn: hpnadig
Nl: Fruggo, *Neep
No: Profoss (all of no:)
Pl: Ausir, Kpjas (lead editor), Selena von Eichendorf, Tsca
Sv: Mats Halldin, Mikez, Solkoll, Salsero
Vi: Minh Nguyen
Zh: Formulax, Mountain, Shizhao