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Hatch A Wiki Project was a term coined by the first developers of the Central Bikol Wiktionary, although developing incubator projects was already the objective of the group even before the name itself. It started on November 16, 2020 during the Bikol Wiktionary Trainer's Training and Edit-a-thons wherein the proponent's goal are to train editors on how to use the templates for Bikol Wiktionary, to add more entries to the Bikol Wiktionary and make it up and running for the Bikol Community, and to promote the Bikol Sentral Wiktionary for prospective users and Central Bikol speakers. Overall, it was able to run 6 meetings, invited 22 editors, and created 979 word entries. However, the incubator project was not hatched at the end of the program. The second project conducted for the development of the specific incubator project was the Bikol Wiktionary Edit-a-thon. During its period, the entries reached 1800 words, 16 old and new editors participated, and it was finally hatched on January 12, 2021. After 13 years on its incubator status, it has become an official Central Bikol Wikiproject. After the success, the team have agreed to work on other incubator projects, thus the Hatch-A-Wiki-Project was initiated on June 1, 2021 under a rapid grant request of MaroBos.


At present, there are pending Wikimedia projects in the Philippines that are waiting to be approved by the Language Committee. There are existing requests on Meta and localization requirements were also almost completed. The lack of active editors and test wiki activity are what hinders from these projects to be fully developed. The aim of the Hatch A Wiki Project is to develop and maintain an active project, complete and proofread the MediaWiki interface translations, and complete the specific settings for the test project. At the moment, the team is working on Central Bikol Wikiquote (Wikisambit), Tagalog Wikiquote (Wikikawikaan), and for the next few months, Tagalog Wikivoyage (Wikibyahe) and Tagalog Wikisource.

Key highlights over one year and ten months...

Target Projects for 2021[edit]

Core Team[edit]

HatchAWiki2021 Team
Username Role Test projects
MaroBos Lead proponent for HatchAWiki2021 Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan
Brazal.dang Adviser,Editor Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan
Kunokuno Proofreader,Editor Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan
Daramlagon Language Expert, Proofreader Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan
Markden24 Lead Editor Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan
Sherlock808 Documenter, Editor Wikisambit, Wikikawikaan

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