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For 2021 Organizing recommendations, see WikiForHumanRights/2021/Organize

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#WikiForHumanRights 2023: Right to a healthy environment


You can organize a number of events around the campaign theme Right to a healthy environment by focusing on any of the 3 high-level environmental crises: Climate change, Pollution, and Biodiversity. These activities can include:

  • An edit-a-thon or editing workshop in your country/community
  • Organizing a localized mini editing contest in your country/community
  • Hosting a webinar explaining the role of Wikipedia in the Right to Healthy environment
  • Try something else?

Regional Support for Organizers

Are you a country or community organizer rallying your community to participate in the campaign? we have experienced movement organizers working in your region to support you with the right information that is accessible in your language? Do you need help identifying the right kind of community activities to organize, a deep understanding of the campaign theme to align to your local context, the right tools to build your article list or submitting a rapid grant application? The regional coordinators are happy to lend you support in all the following ways and more.

Meet and connect with your regional coordinator to access this support where you need them:

Please feel free to reach out to the regional coordinator in your region if you need their support.

Networking Spaces

Are you organizing local campaign activities and wondering those organizing outside of your context as well? The Networking sessions put together by the campaign team and designed in collaboration with the Let's Connect Program is a powerful space to connect with other contributors to the campaign.

If you are a regional coordinator in your region or a community organizer supporting the work of the regional coordinators in your context, the first Networking session is for you!

  • Join the zoom session on 3 February 2023 at 16:00 UTC to interact with each other, learn the preparation and focus of the campaign, help understand the challenges/limitations in your region, and shape the capacity building needs of your region.

If you are a regional coordinator, community or country organizer, or participant contributing to local events and global writing contest, the second Networking session is just for you!

  • Date and Time - TBC

Join, Network, Learn and Share Campaign experiences unique to your community or region.

Empowering Campaign Organizers

Are you an organizer supporting the work of the campaign in your country or region? We want to empower you with the needed skills through our capacity building sessions in collaboration with Let's Connect Program.

Join the capacity building sessions on:

  • Creating categories and finding the right articles for list building using varying tools - 21 February 2023. Please see recording
  • Using Petscan to build article list for your campaign - 28 February 2023. Please see recording
  • Wiktionary Training for Africa - 22 February 2023: This is a session focused on sharing knowledge on how to contribute Wiktionary focusing specifically on adding Climate Change and Environment Vocabulary to diverse African Languages on Wiktionary. Wiktionary is one of the wikimedia projects of focus in the African and Maghreb regions. Please see recording
  • Digital Safety 101 - Staying Safe when addressing Environmental issues on Wikimedia - 5 April 2023: This is a beginner-friendly session for organizers, campaign participants or even interested in learning how to increase their safety when participating in Wikimedia Projects and engaging with the internet. It will focus on the very basics of digital security, key concepts, best practices as well as the pros and cons of some popular safety tools.

Rallying Youth Voices

Resource for Organizers

For further information, see Resources subpage.

Organizing Tools

Creating your Dashboard

Other tracking tools

Event Registration

  • Use the latest version of the event registration tool for your event! Organizers can now create an on-wiki registration for their events. Once registration is enabled, participants can register for the event by simply clicking the “Register” button. Then, the organizers will be able to collect the list of registered event participants. Visit the project page and user guide to learn more about this tool.

Topic List

Here are the suggested topic lists and red links to get started.

Do you need help designing a new topic list? Here are some tools to help you think through this approach:


Resources for new editors

Links to Research Publications