WikiIndaba conference 2019/Submissions/Wikimedia 2030 – How will the Wikimedia movement's structures need to evolve and change?

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Wikimedia 2030 – How will the Wikimedia movement's structures need to evolve and change?

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Nicole Ebber

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Nicole Ebber (WMDE)

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Wikimedia Deutschland

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How will the Wikimedia movement's structures need to evolve and change for us all to successfully move in our Strategic Direction and become the essential infrastructure in the ecosystem of free knowledge? How can we – the Wikimedia communities, organized groups and allies – best work towards our priorities of knowledge equity and knowledge as a service?

Our Strategic Direction means different things to different people. This is intentional, because local context matters. Being a global movement also means being well connected, and bringing those voices in that have been missing from our conversations and programs. Together, we will update our structures and programs, so that we can successfully advance in our Strategic Direction.

While movement organizations individually include the Strategic Direction in their own strategic and programmatic planning, Working Groups are set out to develop recommendations for change on a structural level. They will tackle questions in nine thematic areas – for example around global decision making, distribution of funds across the movement and becoming a healthy movement that welcomes everyone who joins our vision to participate.

In January, the Working Groups will be in the middle of defining the scope for each of the nine Thematic Areas. They will identify possible strategies for making these changes and develop concrete recommendations for the movement on how to ratify and implement them.

In this talk, members of the Movement Strategy Core team) will provide participants with an update of the process, present ways to contribute and engage, and invite Working Group members to also address the audience and report back from the work these groups are doing. In addition to this lecture, we will submit a hands-on workshop to get extensive input and feedback from the African community.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will gain insights into the movement strategy process and structural reform that is happening across the Wikimedia movement, and will learn how to participate now and in the future.

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WikiCulture & Community

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25 minutes

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