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WikiMusic would primarily be a source of song lyrics and other music information such as music notes and guitar tabs.

Note: Please use the Talk:WikiMusic page for discussion and suggestions, however if you think something could be said better or have something to add feel free to edit this page as well.


This would provide a standard easy to use place for lyrics and music information. Having it in a Wiki format would ensure a maximum number of songs and artists covered. This would also provide an easy to use database of music for programs such as media players (Amarok, maybe others) to use when retrieving lyrics and music information.

This is an easier way to give access to people ,hope you will all be able to enjoy this.


Naming and display conventions would need to be set up in order to have a consistent database. Here are a few quick ideas, if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Page Naming[edit]

All songs would have a discussion page in the form of title=Song, a lyrics page in the form of title=Song_(lyrics) and a music page (notes, guitar tabs, etc) in the form of Song_(music).

Page Layout[edit]

Pages themselves should also have some structure. For example on the Song page it would have a section for Artist, Title, Length, Genre, etc. and a place for any further discussion.

Integration with Wikipedia[edit]

Currently Wikipedia has many pages devoted to information on particular artists, bands and composers. However there is not that much information available on individual songs and some albums. I would suggest moving all music related information to WikiMusic and then linking to WikiMusic from Wikipedia, however if this creates difficulties leaving some things on Wikipedia might be best.

Illegal Activity[edit]

Having a Wiki about music would introduce the possibility for abuse. However this shouldn't be to much more of a problem than on any other wiki.

I'm not a lawyer so I don't know about laws, but would posting lyrics, and music be infringement of copy rights at all? I know I've seen other lyrics sites around the Internet but I don't know if they needed to get permission first or anything.

please see the discussion at this place.

Music vs. Lyrics[edit]

It seems all that lyrics and music would be too different thing that could be in two different places.

Some challenges in this would be how to input the musical notation (including tabs) into a wiki format (especially, to do so easily). Music XML could work, but it would not be easy to input or edit directly -- the use of third-party notation software and a download-edit-upload system would be almost a necessity (maybe a java-based editor could be added, but that would require a lot of programming beyond the wiki software itself). --BlackJar72 23:23, 21 February 2009 (UTC)[reply]

(I'd also wonder how many composers want to allow their compositions to be completely re-written by strangers.)

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Alternative names[edit]

  • WikiScore
  • WikiMusic
  • WikiTune
  • WikiMIDI

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LyricWiki.org is a site run by a MediaWiki wiki server. The site's purpose is to be "a source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads". It is the 26th largest wiki, according to the list of largest wikis.

It should be noted that (as of November 2009), despite the stated intention of this site, it does include advertising. I was hit by an ad for World of Warcraft just now upon my first visit when testing the site by searching for a lyric.

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