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WikiWomen's Collaborative
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October 15:   Ada Lovelace Day Women-in-STEM Edit-a-thon at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA   More information

9th and 10th of November:    International Diversity Conference in Berlin, Germany to discuss different aspects of Diversity in Wikipedia and its sister projetcs   

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The WikiWomen's Collaborative is a volunteer-run project and we need your help to inspire, engage and support more women to be involved in the Wikimedia movement.

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Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge of Wikipedia with the world, or do you know women who are? Share your experience, their experiences, your success stories, or stories from the movement with our blog.
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Be a blog coordinator

Blog coordinators recruit bloggers to write for the WikiWomen's blog, help prep their posts for publication, and make sure that we're publishing interesting new stories each week. Coordinators have their pulse on what's happening in the movement, and seek bloggers from around the world to engage and inspire us!
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Be a Facebook admin

Help make our Facebook page the ultimate social space for WikiWomen around the world. Facebook admins create content, share images, and promote the Facebook page to get more women involved in the conversation!
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Be a translator

Without translators, the Collaborative cannot be a truly international space. Volunteer to translate blogs, Tweets and Facebook posts in any language, and help support women who speak and edit in over 240 languages.
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About the Collaborative and why we're here WWC arrow up.png
For the 2012 conference, see WikiWomenCamp.

The WikiWomen's Collaborative is a community project created by women around the world who edit Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects and want to encourage others to do the same. Most of Wikipedia's contributors are male - at last count, the Wikimedia Foundation found that only 9% of Wikipedians are women. This gender gap doesn't just affect the community of editors and volunteers, it also impacts the kinds of content that this community makes available in over 240 languages. Inspired by the early women's movement, we hope that by creating dedicated places online to share our projects and support one another, we can engage more women to contribute to Wikipedia.

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Featured news

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Wikipedia has a gender problem - can it be fixed? from "Digital Trends" May 2013

Wikipedia: Towards Closing the Gender Gap from Huffington Post UK, February 2013

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Edit-a-thon gets women scientists into Wikipedia from Nature, October 2012

Editors Won't Let It Be When It Comes to 'the' or 'The' featuring WikiWoman Tina Vozick, from the Wall Street Journal, October 2012

“Wikithon” Honors Ada Lovelace and Other Women in Science featuring WikiWoman Maia Weinstock, from Scientific American, October 2012

UC Wikinews writer reports from Paralympics featuring WikiWoman Laura Hale, from Scientific American, September 2012


WikiWomen's Collaborative blog, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. This blog features content created by and about women around the world who edit Wikipedia and related posts about the gender gap.

Women and Wikimedia is an up to date collection of media and blogs about WikiWomen and the gender gap in Wikimedia projects.

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