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The official Logo of Wiki Mazarat

Wiki Mazarat, also known informally within the movement as Wiki Shrines or Wiki Sanctuaries, is a campaign initiated by Iraqi Wikimedians in August 2022 with the purpose of documenting and promoting the high value shrines and sanctuaries in Iraq, The Middle East and all around the world, then enriching that content on various Wikimedia projects. We do this by forming collaborations with other like-minded organizations, giving talks at universities and other organizations, and working to develop greater access to the GLAM related entities for Wikipedians, among many others.

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To make clear, reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date educational resources and information freely available to all people in the language of their choice on and off-line.


Some of our projects include creating, developing, and enriching articles of all below shrines:

Baghdad Shrines

  • Abu hanifa shrine.
  • Abdulqader Al-Kaylani shrine.
  • Musa Al-khadhin shrine.
  • Seyyed Sultan shrine.
  • Al-Junaid Al-Baghdadi shrine.
  • Prophet Joshua shrine.
  • Sharif Al-Murtada shrine.
  • Abu Bakr al-Shibli shrine.
  • Ismail bin Musa Al-Kadhim Shrine.
  • Ali bin Mohammad Al-Samr shrine.
  • Abi Tayyib Taher Al-Din shrine.
  • hudaifa bin Al-Yaman, Othman bin Saeed and Abdullah bin Jaber shrines.
  • The Sabians Manda.
  • Gregor's Church in Baghdad for the Armenians.
  • The headquarters of the Syriac Church of the East Patriarchate in Baghdad.
  • Assyrian Evangelical Protestant Church.
  • Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac-Catholic cathedral in Karrada.
  • Meirtuiq Synagogue.
  • St. Joseph's Chaldean Cathedral.
  • St Mary's Church in Baghdad.


  • Imam Ali shrine.
  • Safi Al-Safi Al-Yamani shrine.
  • Al-Abed Al-Salih Al-Khidr shrine.
  • Prophet Adam shrine.
  • Prophet Ibrahim shrine.
  • Prophet Noah shrine.
  • Daughters of Hassan Shrine.
  • Kamil bin Ziyad Shrine.
  • Zine El Abidine Shrine.
  • Prophet Hood and Saleh Shrine.
  • Muslim bin Aqeel and Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi Shrine.
  • Hani bin Urwa Shrine.
  • Zaid bin Ali Shrine.
  • Rasheed Al-Hijri shrine.


  • Prophet Yunus Mosque.
  • Al-Nouri Mosque.
  • Prophet Jirjis Mosque.
  • Khamu Al-Sarraf Mosque.
  • Prophet Sheet Mosque.
  • Yahya Abu al-Qasim Shrine.
  • Sheikh Fathi Al-Mawsili shrine.
  • Abu Saeed Al-Kharraz shrine.
  • Mar Isaiah Church.
  • Mar Corcos Monastery.
  • Mar Michael Monastery.
  • Mar Matti Monastery.
  • Rabban Hormuz Monastery.
  • Maravram Cathedral.
  • Immaculate Church.
  • Lalish.
  • Uday bin Musafir shrine.
  • Sheikh Sims shrine.


  • Imam Hussain shrine.
  • Imam Abbas shrine.
  • Al-Har Al-Riyahi Shrine.
  • Caesar Church.
  • Ibrahim al-Mujab shrine.
  • Omar bin Saad shrine.
  • Zainabi Hill.
  • Ali Al-Asghar shrine.
  • Aoun shrine.
  • Sayyid Ismail Shrine.
  • Musa bin Jaafar shrine and school.
  • Sayyid Muhammad al-Tabtabai al-Mujahid shrine.


  • Khanaqah Khalidiya mosque and takyeh.
  • Khaleefa Ismail Mosque and Takyeh.
  • Mufti Mosque.
  • Muhyiddin Al-barzanji Mosque and Takyeh.
  • Sheikh Rashid bin Sheikh Kaka Mosque and Takyeh.
  • Alti Burmaq Mosque and Takyeh.


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