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Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Submissions/Cat maintenance

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Wikicamp Nepal 2018

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 (WCN) is a three day event for experienced and new Wikipedians of Nepal. The main objective of the event is to increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Nepal, develop skills of the new Wikipedians and bring together experienced and newbie Wikipedians. This brought together Wikipedians from Nepali, Maithili, Doteli, Newari (Nepal Bhasha), Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Santali Community as well as 2 emerging Incubator communities - Awadhi and Marwari.
This is first event of its kind being held in Nepal and is intended to become an annual national flagship event for Wikipedia/Wikimedia in the country.

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Cat maintenance

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The idea is to do an hour-long interactive presentation. I will need a bot operator with knowledge of cat maintenance and an editor with proper knowledge of templates. It will be a 3 people presentation. We will start the presentation with the basic introduction of cats and it's uses (this includes cat tree etc) and also how other wikis handle cats.(It will take around 15 mins) Then we will move to the maintenance cats, a template editor will describe how a maintenance cat gets added there, how it can be useful and how to use it. (15 mins for this too) Then We will move to current problems, to describe all the problems we will need 10 mins (cause, effect etc). Then another 15 mins for the solution, presenters will present their solution and there will be an interactive discussion here. Bot operator will present how a bot can help in solving these problems in this part. Remaining 5 mins for confusion and questions (this can be extended if there are many questions). I thought about this for a while and developed this idea. If programming committee want's me to go in depth and assigns a team of interested candidates more research can be done and the discussion time can be increased to 2 hours.



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