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Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Submissions/Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia

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Wikicamp Nepal 2018

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 (WCN) is a three day event for experienced and new Wikipedians of Nepal. The main objective of the event is to increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Nepal, develop skills of the new Wikipedians and bring together experienced and newbie Wikipedians. This brought together Wikipedians from Nepali, Maithili, Doteli, Newari (Nepal Bhasha), Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Santali Community as well as 2 emerging Incubator communities - Awadhi and Marwari.
This is first event of its kind being held in Nepal and is intended to become an annual national flagship event for Wikipedia/Wikimedia in the country.

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Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia

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Anup Sadi (Link)

Type of presentation

Discussion and Workshop

Abstract (in about 300 words)

Discussion about the importance of improvement of the depth of a Wikipedia. The Presentation will cover the detail process of implementing the ideas to improve the depth of articles. This session will cover the details of the process of increasing the depth of articles. It also will enrich the community engagement diversity among the participants.

The depth or editing depth of Wikipedia shows how frequently its articles are updated. Comparatively high number of page edits and the presence of support pages means that the articles have been updated regularly. Support pages are assumed to be a more important factor for the depth.

So we need a lot of support pages or NonArticles pages. These non-article pages help the article pages. NonArticles are user pages, redirects, images, "project" pages, categories, templates, and all talk pages.

I want to give emphasis on redirect pages. 5 to 10 categories will help the users or readers to find out the articles. Templates also useful to read articles on the related topics.

How the article page looks good looking? Infobox and freely licensed Images will make the article good-looking. Body of the articles, supportive details of the main topics can increase the depth.

I can also present the other recommendations to increase depth. As the Bengali Wikipedia achieved the third position on depth, I will present how I have worked and uses talk pages and community discussion pages. We can remember that quality and quantity is important simultaneously to increase the depth of articles.

What will attendees take away from this session?

1) What is depth?

2) How to increase the depth of a Wikipedia project.

3) Problems regrading to the improvement of the depth.

4) Motivation for good and featured articles.

5) Importance of NonArticles pages.



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