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Wikicat enumerated types are sets of values defining individual types which are then used in the attribute type definitions of actual entities in the model. In relational database terms, an enumerated type is simply a table (1 table defines 1 type) with a set of controlled, usually seed-only values. Every entity table having a column of one of these types will store a "foreign key" to it. Note, though, that this foreign key is not for the purposes of normalization, since the enumerated type has no other data. Rather, it is for the purposes of value control.

Model Entity Type[edit]

Defines the entity types in the model using entities derived from Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (pp. 13-16) and Functional Requirements for Authority Data (pp. 7-15). Used to allow "multi-table" foreign keys where a relationship can exist between one type of entity and several others. For example, a Manifestation, a Work, and an Expression all have titles associated with them.

    > DESC model_entity_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    entity_code   VARCHAR(3)     Code of the model entity type
                  NOT NULL 
    name          VARCHAR(25)    Short name of the entity type
                  NOT NULL
    desc          VARCHAR(100)   Description of the entity type
                  NOT NULL        

    > select * from model_entity_type;
    model_entity_code name
    mnf               Manifestation
    wrk               Work
    exp               Expression
    itm               Item
    ser               Series/Continuing Resource
    per               Person
    fam               Family
    crp               Corporate Body
    cpt               Concept
    obj               Object
    evt               Event
    plc               Place

Information Nominality[edit]

Nominality or actuality of any particular Wikicat data. Used to modify another data column to indicate whether its "purely bibliographic" data is:

  • nominal-only: information appears on the item but is not actually true in the real-world and hence is not modelled within Wikicat
  • actual-only: does not appear on the item but was provided by the cataloger and hence is modelled (on the good-faith assumption it is true in the real-world)
  • actual and nominal: information is both true (modeled) and appears on the item
  • mixed: information taken from the item is intermixed with the cataloger's corrections/modifications; the cataloger information is modelled
  • neither: information does not exist on the item nor can it be provided reliably by the cataloger

For catalog data formulated according to ISBD principles, the actual data appearing on the item is always transcribed, with cataloger corrections contained within brackets- '[' and ']'- following or interspersed with the data. Examples of each type of information nominality for possible imported data follows:

  • actual and nominal:
    • 2nd ed., 2nd printing
  • actual-only:
    • [2nd ed., 2nd printing]
  • nominal-only:
    • 2nd ed., 2nd printing [ sic ]
  • mixed:
    • 2nd ed., [2nd printing]
  • neither:
    • [2nd ed., 2nd printing?]
    • [ s.n. ]

See ISBD(M): 0.10 Misprints for the formal ISBD rules on transcribing incorrect data. In the future Wikidata may have direct support for such complex modelling requirements.

    > DESC info_nominality_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    nom_code      VARCHAR(3)     Information nominality code;
                  NOT NULL       primary key
    name          VARCHAR(25)    Nominality type name
                  NOT NULL
    description   VARCHAR(50)    Nominality description
                  NOT NULL
    > select * from info_nominality_type;
    nom_code          name
    nom               Nominal-only
    act               Actual-only
    bth               Nominal and Actual
    mix               Mixed
    nth               Neither

Catalog ID Scheme[edit]

Different identity schemes for catalog entities. An ID uniquely determines an entity within its scheme.

    > DESC catalog_id_scheme;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    scheme_code   VARCHAR(4)     Catalog identity scheme code;
                  NOT NULL       primary key
    short_name    VARCHAR(25)    Short name of the scheme
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARCHAR(50)    Full name of the scheme
                  NOT NULL
    primary_entity VARCHAR(3)    Primary entity type using the
                                 scheme.  Foreign key to
    active        DATERANGE      Period during which the scheme is/was active
    gov_level     VARCHAR(3)     Level of government at which the scheme applies;
                                 foreign key to JURISDICTION_LEVEL
    primary_country INT(5)       Primary country responsible for the scheme;
                                 foreign key to COUNTRY
    > select * from catalog_id_scheme;
    scheme_code  name           prime_entity_type   jurisdiction_lvl
    isbn         International  mnf                 int
                 Standard Book
    issn         International  mnf                 int
                 Standard Serial
    lccn         Libarary of    mnf                 nat
                 Congress Control

Though most identifier schemes are for Manifestation entity types, there are several schemes for Work entities:

  • ISTC (International standard text code)
  • OWI (OCLC work identifier)
  • ISWC (Musical works)
  • ISAN (Audio-visual works)

Common schemes at the manifiestation level are:

  • ISBN
  • ISSN (serial)
  • ISMN (music)
  • v-ISAN
  • DOI
  • Handle
  • ARK
  • LC and other national bibliography identifiers
  • OCN (OCLC control number)

See the ELAG 2010 Workshop on FRBR and Identifiers slides for more info.

Work Types[edit]

Form of Content[edit]

    > DESC form_content_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    form_content_code VARCHAR(3) Form of content code
                  NOT NULL 
    name          VARCHAR(50)    Form of content short name
                  NOT NULL
    > select * form_content_type;
    form_content_code name
    cin               Cinegraphic
    dat               Data
    gra               Graphical
    lit               Literary/Textual
    map               Cartographic
    mus               Musical
    prg               Computer Program
    rea               Realia/Artifact

Values taken from AACR2's The Logical Structure, p. 26, Table 1: Defined scope for classes of materials.

Expression Types[edit]

Form of Expression[edit]

Form of an Expression- i.e. how the Work is fixed/realized.

    > DESC expression_form_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    exp_form_code VARCHAR(3)     Form of expression code
                  NOT NULL 
    name          VARCHAR(50)    Form of expression short name
                  NOT NULL
    > select * expression_form_type;
    exp_form_code     name
    alp               Alpha-numeric notation
    crp               Corporeal (dance, mime, etc.)
    img               Still Image/Graphic
    mov               Moving Image/Video
    mus               Musical notation
    sou               Sound
    3d                Three-dimensional Realia

Values taken from AACR2's The Logical Structure, p. 26, Table 1: Defined scope for classes of materials.

Expression Extent Unit Type[edit]

Extent unit types for Expressions; because an Expression is not physically-embodied, extent measurements that are a function of physical characteristics (e.g. page count) are not included.

    > DESC expr_extent_unit_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    ext_unit_code VARCHAR(3)     Extent unit code
                  NOT NULL 
    name          VARCHAR(50)    Extent unit short name
                  NOT NULL
    > select * expr_extent_unit_type;
    ext_unit_code     name
    dur               Duration/Playing-time
    img               Images
    rec               Records
    stm               Statements
    wrd               Words

Material-Specific Types[edit]

Class of Material Type[edit]

Class of material describes the class to which a Manifestation belongs, and determines which attributes are relevant to describing it. Class of material is a product both of content and form of physical carrier. Hence the inclusion of static graphical material, such as transparencies or slides, into the Projected Image class which more typically contains films and video recordings. The fact that a transparency or slide requires an external device to view outweighs the fact that it conveys a non-moving image.

    > DESC class_material_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    class_mat_code VARCHAR(3)    Class of material code
                  NOT NULL 
    name          VARCHAR(50)    Class of material short name
                  NOT NULL
    description   VARCHAR(100)   Class of material description
                  NOT NULL
    > select * class_material_type;
    class_mat_code    name           description
    gra               Graphic        Graphic material, non-projected
    elc               Electronic Resource Electronic resoure- computer files,
                                     online resource, etc.
    map               Cartograph     Cartographic work (map, globe, etc.)
    mic               Microform      Microform
    mus               Music          Musical composition
    mov               Projected Image Motion pictures, video 
                                     recordings, and projected images
    rea               Realia         Three dimensional realia,
                                     either an artifact or naturally-occurring
    sou               Sound Recording Recorded sound
    txt               Text/Literary  Textual, literary, or otherwise

Values synthesized from UNIMARC 1XX fields and MARC21 LEADER, 006, 007, and 008 fields, and particularly AACR2's The Logical Structure... Table I, p. 26.

Text-Related Types[edit]

see Text Enumerated Types

Serial-Related Types[edit]

see Serial Enumerated Types

Music-Related Types[edit]

see Music Enumerated Types

Graphic Types[edit]

see Graphic Enumerated Types

Cartographic Types[edit]

see Cartographic Enumerated Types

Projected Image Types[edit]

see Projected Image Enumerated Types

Microform Types[edit]

see Microform Enumerated Types

Audience Type[edit]

Various types of audiences for an item used for such things as indicating the intended audience a Work was created for.

    > DESC audience_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE          DESC
    audience_code VARCHAR(3)    Code for a particular audience
                  NOT NULL
    description   VARCHAR(50)   Description of the audience
                  NOT NULL
    > select * from work_audience_type;
    audience_code     description
    juv               Juvenile
    ppr               Pre-primary, ages 0-5 
    pri               Primary, ages 5-10
    chi               Children, ages 9-14
    tee               Young adult (teenager), ages 14-20
    ads               Adult, serious
    adu               Adult, general
    unk               Unknown
    med               Medical professional
    law               Legal professional
    sci               Scientific/technical specialist

Taken from UNIMARC 100 $a/17-19.

Title Type[edit]

Defines various types of titles:

    > DESC title_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    title_type_code VARCHAR(3)   Code of the title type
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARHCAR(25)    Title type name 
                  NOT NULL
    description   VARCHAR(100)   Description of the title type
                  NOT NULL
    > select * from title_type;
    title_type_code   description
    prp               Title proper.  Chief title.
    pll               Parallel title proper.  The title proper
                      in another language or script.
    key               Key title.  Assigned to the serial
                      publication the text belongs to.
    oth               Other title.  Subtitles and other title
                      information subordinate to a title proper.
    por               Portion of title.
    dst               Distinctive title.  Addition to regular
                      title to distinguish individual issues.  
    cvr               Cover title.  Title on the cover when cover
                      not chief source of description.
    add               Added title page title.  Title in another
                      language on title page not used as chief
                      source of description.
    cap               Caption title.  Printed at the head of the
                      first page of text.
    run               Running title.  Printed on the top or
                      bottom margin of each page.
    spi               Spine title.  Publisher's title on the
                      spine of the publication.
    var               Variant title.  Title borne by the text
                      other than a parallel title that varies
                      from the title proper.
    qlf               Title qualifier.  Assigned to serial
                      key titles to create uniqueness

Information taken from UNIMARC field 200, AACR2 Tab 7 pp. 2-9, and the second indicator of MARC21 fiel 246.

Entity Responsibility[edit]

Defines the various responsibilities a person, corporate body, etc., could have in relation to an entity in the model, typically with regard to its creation.

    > DESC responsibility_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    resp_code     VARCHAR(3)     Responsibility code
                  NOT NULL                                
    description   VARCHAR(100)   Description of the responsibility
    class_material VARCHAR(3)    Typical (but not exclusive) class of 
                                 material the responsibility applies to.
                                 Foreign key to CLASS_MATERIAL_TYPE
    > select * from responsibility_type;
    resp_code         description           class_material
    act               Actor                 vid
    adp               Adapter               txt
    aft               Author of afterword,  txt
                      colophon, etc.
    anm               Animator              vid
    ann               Annotator             txt
    ant               Bibliographic         txt
    app               Applicant
    aqt               Author in quotations or text abstracts
    arc               Architect             aft
    arr               Arranger
    art               Artist
    asg               Assignee
    asn               Associated name
    att               Attributed name
    auc               Auctioneer            aft
    aud               Author of dialog      txt
    aui               Author of introduction txt
    aus               Author of screenplay  txt
    aut               Author                txt
    bdd               Binding designer      txt
    bjd               Bookjacket designer   txt
    bkd               Book designer         txt
    bkp               Book producer         txt
    bnd               Binder                txt
    bpd               Bookplate designer    txt
    bsl               Bookseller            txt
    ccp               Conceptor
    chr               Choreographer
    clb               Collaborator
    cli               Client
    cll               Calligrapher          txt
    clt               Collotyper
    cmm               Commentator
    cmp               Composer              mus
    cmt               Compositor
    cng               Cinematographer       vid
    cnd               Conductor             mus
    cns               Censor                txt
    coe               Contestant -appellee
    col               Collector             aft
    com               Compiler
    cos               Contestant            vid
    cot               Contestant -appellant
    cov               Cover designer        txt
    cpc               Copyright claimant
    cpe               Complainant-appellee
    cph               Copyright holder
    cpl               Complainant
    cpt               Complainant-appellant
    cre               Creator
    crp               Correspondent
    crr               Corrector
    csl               Consultant
    csp               Consultant to a project
    cst               Costume designer      vid
    ctb               Contributor
    cte               Contestee-appellee
    ctg               Cartographer          map
    ctr               Contractor
    cts               Contestee
    ctt               Contestee-appellant
    cur               Curator
    cwt               Commentator for written text
    dfd               Defendant
    dfe               Defendant-appellee
    dft               Defendant-appellant
    dgg               Degree grantor
    dis               Dissertant
    dln               Delineator
    dnc               Dancer
    dnr               Donor
    dpc               Depicted
    dpt               Depositor
    drm               Draftsman
    drt               Director
    dsr               Designer
    dst               Distributor
    dte               Dedicatee
    dto               Dedicator
    dub               Dubious author
    edt               Editor
    egr               Engraver
    elt               Electrotyper
    eng               Engineer
    etr               Etcher
    exp               Expert
    fac               Facsimilist
    flm               Film editor
    fmo               Former owner
    fpy               First party
    fnd               Funder
    frg               Forger
    grt               Graphic technician
    hnr               Honoree
    hst               Host
    ill               Illustrator
    ilu               Illuminator
    ins               Inscriber
    inv               Inventor
    itr               Instrumentalist
    ive               Interviewee
    ivr               Interviewer
    lbt               Librettist
    lee               Libelee-appellee
    lel               Libelee
    len               Lender
    let               Libelee-appellant
    lgd               Lighting designer
    lie               Libelant-appellee
    lil               Libelant
    lit               Libelant-appellant
    lsa               Landscape architect
    lse               Licensee
    lso               Licensor
    ltg               Lithographer
    lyr               Lyricist
    mfr               Manufacturer
    mdc               Metadata contact
    mod               Moderator
    mon               Monitor
    mrk               Markup editor
    mte               Metal-engraver
    mus               Musician
    nrt               Narrator
    opn               Opponent
    org               Originator
    orm               Organizer of meeting
    oth               Other
    own               Owner
    pat               Patron
    pbd               Publishing director
    pbl               Publisher
    pfr               Proofreader
    pht               Photographer
    plt               Platemaker
    pop               Printer of plates
    ppm               Papermaker
    ppt               Puppeteer
    prc               Process contact
    prd               Production personnel
    prf               Performer
    prg               Programmer
    prm               Printmaker
    pro               Producer
    prt               Printer
    pta               Patent applicant
    pte               Plaintiff -appellee
    ptf               Plaintiff
    pth               Patent holder
    ptt               Plaintiff-appellant
    rbr               Rubricator
    rce               Recording engineer
    rcp               Recipient
    red               Redactor
    ren               Renderer
    res               Researcher
    rev               Reviewer
    rpt               Reporter
    rpy               Responsible party
    rse               Respondent -appellee
    rsg               Restager
    rsp               Respondent
    rst               Respondent-appellant
    rth               Research team head
    rtm               Research team member
    sad               Scientific advisor
    sce               Scenarist
    scl               Sculptor
    scr               Scribe
    sec               Secretary
    sgn               Signer
    sng               Singer
    spk               Speaker
    spn               Sponsor
    spy               Second party
    srv               Surveyor
    std               Set designer
    stl               Storyteller
    stn               Standards body
    str               Stereotyper
    tch               Teacher
    ths               Thesis advisor
    trc               Transcriber
    trl               Translator
    tyd               Type designer
    tyg               Typographer
    vdg               Videographer
    voc               Vocalist
    wam               Writer of accompanying material
    wdc               Woodcutter
    wde               Wood -engraver
    wit               Witness

List taken almost verbatim from the MARC Realtor Codes list.

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