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The Wikimania 2016 jury is the group which leads the process to evaluate the proposals received to host the Wikimania 2016 conference. (See Wikimania jury for general information about this committee.)

Voting members of the Jury[edit]

As volunteers:

  1. Richard Symonds
  2. Stuart Prior
  3. Claudia Garad
  4. Esteban Zarate
  5. Daniel Bryant
  6. Finne Boonen

As part of work duties:

  1. Ellie Young

Selection process[edit]

From the relevant thread:

In the past the jury was selected by a moderator: we had Joseph Seddon, James Forrester and others sending out the invitations and reminders, collecting the applications, making a selection and announcing it. From that point on, the jury took on the work.

Now we have a Wikimania Committee, which only took one decision so far: re-defining the bidding schedule to give more time to organise. Ellie and Manuel were looking to move forward with the coming bidding process. The only process we actually had was this reviewed and rescheduled timeline.

As we were actually already approaching the approved deadlines without anyone acting up, Manuel took initiative to put the new timeline together on Meta, send out an invitation and had all applications going to Ellie. Manuel also sent out reminders before the deadline, so everyone should have been informed and was invited to participate.

Ellie made a pre-selection which Manuel reviewed and discussed with her, after some slight adjustments Manuel brought the selection forward the Wikimania Committee, asking for feedback. One response was received, from someone who wanted to be included which Ellie denied with good arguments as we need this person take responsibility in other areas (e.g. strengthen the Committee).

After all the selected persons agreed to become the new Jury, Manuel sent out the announcement.

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