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Wikimedia CEE Spring/Guide for participants

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Wikimedia CEE Spring is an international editing contest that traditionally is held in the period from 21st of March until 31st of May every year in almost every country and/or community in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region.

Every country and/or community which participated in the CEE Spring needs to publish a separate project page on their Wikipedia, where they will inform participants about the duration of the contest, which can be held in a shorter period of the international editing contest.

How can you participate?[edit]

Participation is open to all interested editors on Wikipedia with or without any prior knowledge and experience into editing on Wikipedia from the organizing country and/or community in the CEE region.

First step: Find the programme page of the editing contest on the language version of Wikipedia that you want to participate in for the contest.
  1. Check on the the project page for the international editing contest, if your Wikipedia is organizing the contest: Participants list for CEE Spring;
  2. Check your local Village Pump and/or contact your local coordinator (organizer of the local contest); and
  3. Find out if the editing contest is announced through general banner notification on your Wikipedia.
Second step: Register for the local contest on respective Wikipedia.
  1. You need to log in with your Wikipedia account. If you don't have any Wikipedia account yet, then you need to create a new account. These buttons/links you can find in the upper right corner of your screen on any Wikipedia page;
  2. After you are logged in, then usually you need to register your name and/or username on the project page of the local contest on your Wikipedia; and
  3. Some local contests have separate pages where you can track your edited pages, so you have to create such page as well.
Third step: Read all rules of the contest, where local coordinators (organizers) explain in further detail what you need to do during the contest. Also, you can be informed about any prizes that local organizers are having on their local contest.
Fourth step: During the contest, participants are expected to:
  1. create new articles and improve existing ones;
  2. add credible external links to articles; and
  3. add images to articles to make them more vivid.


You can take a part on a different sub-contests that usually are held during the CEE Spring anytime besides your community take a part into the contest. To do so, you need to add your user name and contributions on the separate Meta pages. In 2024, there are three separate sub-contests: