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Wikimedia CH/Call for projects 2017/Scanning books for Wikisource

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Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant:

Yann Forget

Contact username:

Yann (talk)

Project name:


Please provide a detailed description of your project:

Scanning books not already available online for Wikisource. We will ask people to bring their old books and help scanning them.

Please provide a detailed budget for your request: This is a rough estimation.

Book scanner : 1200 CHF (according to [1])
Scans by Swiss libraries for books which can't borrowed : 1500 CHF
Buying books (from secondhand book shops) : 1000 CHF
Various cost (transport, etc.) : 1000 CHF
TOTAL : 4700 CHF

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects:
(Quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, number of active and new editors involved, number of new articles created & Qualitative: strengthen the community of XXX etc)

This will help extend Wikisource subjects and coverage. It is a first try for a long term multilingual community project.

How does your project fulfill WMCH's focus on GLAM, Education and Community programs?

It would increase awareness about Wikisource to GLAM. So it has also the potential to increase exchange between communities.

Provide the provisional target start date and completion date:

About one year.

Provide any other information you believe helps to understand your project better:

Please note that only applications that have been completed in full will be considered.
If you are not able to submit your request via a wiki, please use the same template and send your proposal via info@wikimedia.ch.



All scans have been imported to Commons and are available at c:Category:Scans_by_the_Library_of_Geneva.

In total, there are 59 books (one was not in the public domain, so it was imported, and then deleted. It can be undeleted in 2023). For each book, there is a high quality low compression PDF file (up to 286 MB), and a high compression DjVu file.

The corresponding books are available at s:fr:Catégorie:Scans de la bibliothèque de Genève.

Among these, several have already been corrected and published: