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Wikimedia Botswana (WMBW or WB) is a group of volunteers who are working in an initiation of a local Botswana Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia Botswana has been suggested as a name to represent this group of volunteers and it will be for all Wikimedians residing in Botswana.

Mission: Our mission is to effectively engage all sectors in Botswana and encourage everyone to help develop online content, to periodically edit on Wikipedia and promote the use of free online resources of the Wikimedia Foundation to develop the lives of every individual.

Dołącz do nas

If you are interested in being a contributor to our Wikipedia page follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account (Highly Recommended).
    NB: Note that your Wikipedia Account allows you to contribute to all Wikimedia Projects (full list).
  2. Log in with you credentials to the Setswana Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, or Wikipedia in another language (see www.wikipedia.org), and choose any article you are interested in working on.
  3. For further details join our Facebook group or better still like our Wikimedia Botswana Facebook Page.
  4. Learn how to become a Wikipedia contributor here: Contribution Help.


Philatelic Museum (see also), Botswana partners with Wikimedia Botswana to promote GLAM
  • Wikimania 2013 Registration is open.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation is offering new kinds of funding for projects, including grants for individuals.Get Involved

Important Dates

  • Wiki Indaba 2014 - Johannesburg 20-22 June 2014
  • Wikimania 2014 - London 6-10 August 2014

Possible Pilot Projects


Upcoming Events


Prevoius Events

Setswana Wikipedia Challenge Participants and a member of Wikimedia Kenya (Oscar Limoke)
  • Setswana Wikipedia Challenge
    Sestswana Wikipedia Challenge was sponsored by Google Inc. and the Wikimedia Foundation, with the support of a Wikimedia volunteer from Kenya. This is was an opportunity to bring Africa's information online by creating Wikipedia articles in Setswana. Participation was by translating English Wikipedia articles into Setswana or each individual participants wrote their own articles from scratch. You could choose your own topic to write about also. Every participant could translate an article about their favorite musician or sports team and however thought about what topics would be of interest to many Setswana speakers in Botswana and around the world.
Wikimania 2012 Participants

Contact Wikimedia Botswana


Kindly join our frequently accessed talked page on the Setswana Wikimedia if you have a Wikipedia account and also if you have interests in being a member of Wikimedia Botswana. You can also write here.

We have a Facebook page please click the like button to receive our News Feeds or better still join our Setswana Wikipedia Facebook Page to easily get in touch with us.