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လှုပ်ရှားမှုအစီရင်ခံစာ- 2016

Wikipedia 15

On January 15, 2016, at the initiative of members of the Wikimedia UG Georgia (UG-GE), an event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia was held in the conference room of Tbilisi State University. The event was attended by experienced Georgian Wikipedians and guests, as well as interested individuals. The event was widely reported in the media. The Public Broadcaster of Georgia on this issue prepared a plot, where members of the Wikimedia UG Georgia were interviewed.


Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016

CEE Spring Logo

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 is an event organised by Wikimedians and Wikipedians from the region of Central and Eastern Europe with an aim to support article creation about every country in the region on every Wikipedia in the region. Wikimedia CEE Spring aims at joining local forces of free knowledge to accumulate and distribute information about history, culture, traditions and people in every corner of the region to support mutual acknowledgement and understanding and to increase the quantity and quality of free knowledge available about the CEE region globally. From March 21 to May 31, 2016, a competition was held in the Georgian Wikipedia. In the Georgian Wikipedia, the competition was facilitated by Wikimedia UG Georgia.

During the competition in the Georgian Wikipedia, 17 participants created 205 new articles. All new articles can be seen on this page.

Edit-a-thon in National Museum of Georgia

On April 21-22, 2016, the edit-a-thon was held at the National Museum of Georgia, where junior historian's school participants took part, who created new articles in the Georgian Wikipedia.


From 17 to 20 June 2016, Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia in cooperation with the Georgian Association of History Educators, organized a wikicamp for secondary school students in Tskneti, near Tbilisi.Wikipedia editing lessons and Edit-a-thon for 35 secondary school students from around Georgia. 35 new articles about history of Tbilisi was created by students in Georgian Wikipedia. After the Camp, number of users are still actives in Georgian Wikipedia.

Wikicamp was widely reported in the media, read about it in online media.

Images from Wikicamp

UG-GE cooperation with Ministry of Defense of Georgia

From meeting.

From April to July 2016, Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia has started cooperation with Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Articles about Georgia–NATO relations considering all Wikipedia standards was created during this project. Project is ongoing and Ministry of Defense is prompting Georgian Wikipedia in Georgian society via online media.

On July 21, 2016, at the end of the project, a meeting of members of the UG-GE and representatives of the ministry in the Ministry of Defense of Georgia was held. At the meeting, representatives of UG-GE presented a presentation on Wikipedia projects in Georgian language. The meeting was published on the ministry’s official Facebook page.

UG-GE & Free University of Tbilisi cooperation

From June to July 2016: Cooperation with one of the leading university in Georgia — Free University of Tbilisi. 132 huge articles were created or improved in Georgian Wikipedia by students of anthropology course instead of the final exam. Most of this students are still active users in Georgian Wikipedia. As a result, this project will be annual for this anthropology course, by decision of academics of Free University of Tbilisi.

Training at Tbilisi Classic Gymnasium

On July 7 and 8, 2016, in Tbilisi Classic Gymnasium UG-GE conducted training and edit-a-thon for teachers of Georgian Association of History Educators. 16 teachers were trained and as result, they earned Wikipedia editing skills. The training was conducted by members of UG-GE, who are also experienced editors of the Georgian Wikipedia.

Images from Training

Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Georgia

In September 2016, for the first time, Georgia took part in the international photo contest "Wiki Loves Monuments". The financial side was taken by Wikimedia UG Georgia, which, with the financial support of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), handed over the award to all three winners of the competition.

During the contest, 71 contestants uploaded 6929 photos. WLM is a unique competition that allows Us to save with the help of digital photos, information about the cultural heritage of the country. Detailed statistics are given on this page.

Winner images

Wiki-Lesson in Khulo

In Khulo

On September 3, 2016, a board member of the Wikimedia UG Georgia and an active editor of the Georgian Wikipedia — Jaba Labadze conducted a wiki-training for young people in the city of Khulo, in Ajara. During the training, young people were presented with the specifics of working on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Georgian and Bashkirian cooperation project

The Georgian-Bashkir joint project was held in November 2016 by the organization "Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia". The aim of the project is to create and improve articles on Bashkir topics in Georgian Wikipedia and Bashkir Wikipedia to perform similar work on Georgian topics.

During the period of cooperation, each Georgian Wikipedia user can write an article about Bashkiria. This article can be either offered or based on the users desire. During the project in the Georgian Wikipedia, 9 participants wrote 910 new articles.

WAM 2016 in Georgia

WAM Georgian Banner.

in November 2016, the Georgian Wikipedia for the first time took part in the competition "Wikipedia Asian Month". Wikipedia Asian Month is an annual online event that aims to promote Asian content in Wikipedia. Since 2015, each participating community runs a local online Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on their own language Wikipedia every November, which promotes the creation or improvement of the Wikipedia content about Asia except their own country.

During the competition in the Georgian Wikipedia, 9 participants wrote 182 new articles.

Participation in regional and global Wikimedia events

WikiCamp Aghveran

From January 5 to January 11, 2016, in the city of Aghveran, in Armenia, was held WikiCamp for young Wikipedians. From Georgia, three editors of the Georgian Wikipedia — Pkhoveli, Lika Kharazishvili, Suzi16, led by a representative of Wikimedia UG Georgia — Jaba1977, participated in the camp.

Wikimedia Conference 2016


The Wikimedia Conference 2016, taking place in Berlin from Friday, April 22, through Sunday, April 24, is an annual meeting of all Wikimedia organizations (Wikimedia chapters, thematic organizations, user groups, and the Wikimedia Foundation), as well as other committees to discuss the future of the Wikimedia movement in terms of collaboration, structures and organizational development. This conference is hosted and organized by Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). From Wikimedia UG Georgia in the conference participated Board Member Mikheil Chabukashvili.

Stepanavan WikiCamp

From July 27 to August 6, 2016, in the city of Aghveran, in Armenia, was held WikiCamp for young Wikipedians. From Georgia, four editors of the Georgian Wikipedia — NaswKai, Nina1009, ნიკოლოზ ზივზივაძე, გიორგი რიჟვაძე, led by a representative of Wikimedia UG Georgia — Jaba1977, participated in the camp.

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2016

CEE Meeting Logo

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2016 (#WMCEE2016) was the fifth annual meeting of Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe centered on the Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia and similar projects) in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It took place in Dilijan, Armenia between 27—29 August 2016. It was hosted and co-organized by Wikimedia Armenia.

Wikimedia CEE Meeting featured presentations and workshops on Wikimedia projects, GLAM, Wikicamps/Wikiclubs, CEE Spring, Education Extension, best practices for editing workshops and social media/PR/Media, Wikidata, Content Translation, conflict management, communication, surveys WMF grant system and changes, WikiMed and gender gap, free knowledge and free content, and the social and technical aspects which relate to these topics.

From Wikimedia UG Georgia in the conference participated Board Members Mikheil Chabukashvili, Jaba Labadze, David Asriashvili and Sandro Gambashidze.