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Wikimedia Community User Group Liberia

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Wikimedia Community User Group Liberia

Location Liberia
Country codeLBR
Approval dateIn Process


Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to close the gap between educational disparities, dissemination and unequal distribution of quality education through Wikimedia projects, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. We also mission to educate Liberians to contribute to these platforms, improve the quality and accuracy of the information available, and open the door for quality free education accessible to all.

Vision Statement:

  • We vision to create an environment that sustains free education and knowledge programs with focus on educational development while promoting Wikimedia projects in Liberia. We also envision establishing digital literacy and to provide access to educational resources for Liberian students, teachers, workers, and others respectively. Believing that education is the key to success in life.


  • Create campus and community based awareness and adopt Wikimedia platforms and principles in Liberia.
  • Facilitate the creation and curation of content on Wikimedia platforms that are relevant and useful to the Liberian schools and communities.
  • Establish and sustain partnerships with institutions, local organizations and communities promoting the same goal.
  • Advocate to establish policies and practices that support access to free quality education and information in Liberia .
  • Organize and empower a diverse community of Wikimedia contributors in Liberia.


  • To promote the use of Wikipedia and its sister in education at all educational levels in Zambia.
  • To ensure and promote the use of Wikimedia projects among Zambians from all walks of life.
  • To promote Media and Information literacy skills among Zambian citizens to use Wikipedia and its sister project as a tool to fight against misinformation, disinformation, and fake news.
  • To create awareness of the use of various Wikimedia projects among associations and Organizations in Zambia.



The main activity of this user group is to represent Wikipedia and its sister projects in Liberia. Including:

  • Organizing regular Wikilearners training programs, workshops, camps, conferences and retreat
  • Conduct regular meetings / online meetings with Wikimedians of Liberia.
  • Implement Wikimedia projects in Liberia
  • Create and empower diverse groups of Wikimedians of Liberia.
  • Organize and educate people about the usage of Wikimedia, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, wikidata  etc.



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