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This page contains Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group activity report for 2019-2020.

Wikimedia platforms[edit]


Tatar 4.0 article contest logo


Turkic Marathon 2020's organizer logo w/ English & Tatar

Selet WikiSchool[edit]

Logo of Selet WikiSchool



Wiki-Smart Tatarstan[edit]

Republic of Tatarstan map with municipal district borders, administrative centers and their arms.

Wikimedia event participation[edit]

Celtic Knot 2020 presentation slides + Text+LINKS

Visual materials @ Commons[edit]

Publications and releases[edit]

English version of slides for FAEA presentation (Russian)
  • Tatar Commission Hearing presentation slides
  • 2020 My Tatarstan Pre-Contest Release
  • 2020 FAEA Russia Conference presentation into conference proceeds
  • 2020 Most read Tatar Wikipedia articles
  • Tatar Wikipedia Marathon (10 month * 10 edits * +10k content): 2019, 2020
  • Monthly Tatar Wikipedia stats (ttWP Village Pump) & Quarterly Progress reports (wikimedia-l & wikimedia-ru)

Mass media mentions[edit]

  • Realnoye Vremya 25.02.2020
  • WWII 75th Anniversary Article Contest in Tatar Wikipedia mentions
  • Tatar Wikipedia @ Diamonds of Knowledge 2020 Awarding Ceremony (Commons)
  • Tatarstan Presidential Commission for Preservation and Strengthening Tatar language use
    • Tatarstan Presidential Decree (Russian / Tatar)
    • News report on who's named into Tatarstan Presidential Commission for Preservation and Strengthening Tatar language use (7 July 2020)
    • TV interviews post presentation at 2nd hearing (6 Oct. 2020)
    • KazanFirst interview (19 October 2020)
    • TNV-Tatar appearances
    • "My Tatarstan" contest presser online (4 Dec.)
    • News post "My Tatarstan" contest presser
  • Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Institute of History interest in Tatar Wikipedia
  • Tatarstan orders Wikipedia articles (Wikinews series)


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