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Wikimedia Česká republika (Wikimedia Czech Republic) is an association co-operating with the Wikimedia Foundation as its official chapter. The association was founded by registration at the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Czech Republic on March 6, 2008.

Promotion of and support to the free creation in Czech Republic with special regards to the Wikimedia Foundation projects is the main goal of the association. It also offers organizational help with events and help in the free licences area, and mediates communication with free materials authors and communication between the Czech Republic's citizens and the Wikimedia Foundation.



Membership Conditions[edit]

  • Minimal age of 15 years; the consent of a parent or other legitimate representative is necessary in case of applicants under the age of 18
  • Consent with the Bylaws and with the processing of personal data undersigned on application form
  • Proof of identity (name and birthdate in accordance to the application)
  • Approval of membership by the association board
  • Payment of membership fee

Recommended Method[edit]

  • Print the application form.
  • Fill in the data and transmit it to the board meeting or to any of the board members.
  • At the application form handover expose your proof of identity.
  • You will be informed about the board decision of the membership.
  • After membership approval you will receive advice on how to pay the membership fee (CZK 200; CZK 100 for under-18 years). The fee must be paid within 90 days of the approval or its validity expires.

Alternative Methods[edit]

Contact any of the board members and negotiate any details with him/her in case you would prefer a different way.

Also contact the board members if you want to obtain a sympathizing membership status for a person or corporation.

You will find the contacts in other sections of this page (see Organization and Contacts or People).

Organization and Contacts[edit]

Ceremonial signature of the application for assocation registration
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Wikimedia Česká republika, Konopišťská 790/3, Praha 10, 100 00
  • IRC: #wikimedia-cz

See also contacts below in the People section.


Wikimedia Česká republika is a non-profit organization that appreciates all its benefactors, thanks to whom it can operate its activities.

The Wikimedia Wikimedia Česká republika account number is 2600138934/2010,

international format IBAN:CZ2120100000002600138934 BIC:FIOBCZPPXXX.

You can follow the economy of the association through the transparent account service.

Information for Benefactors[edit]

  • If you send us money, the number of your account is not displayed in the transparent account service, but the name of your account is.
  • The message for the recipient is also displayed. Fill it in to let everyone know you sent a gift, but please do not enter any particular purpose. If the gift shall be purposefully bound, please negotiate the details beforehand with the treasurer. You can obtain certificate of your gift to apply for your tax deductability.

We thank you!


An updated list of sponsors is available at our official pages.


For a version with pictures see our official pages.


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