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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Enterprise and the translation is 5% complete.
Wikimedia Enterprise
Building new opportunities for both revenue generation and free knowledge dissemination through partnerships and earned income.

Wikimedia Enterprise is a service of the Wikimedia Foundation available via The goal of the service is to build services for high-volume commercial reusers of Wikimedia content. The service was announced in March 2021 (blogpost, WIRED article) and launched in October 2021 (Press release, OpenFutures article).

Idojukọ naa wa lori awọn ẹgbẹ ti o fẹ lati tun akoonu Wikimedia pada ni awọn aaye miiran, pese awọn iṣẹ data ni iwọn nla, ki wọn yara ati okeerẹ diẹ sii, igbẹkẹle, ati aabo. Idawọlẹ Wikimedia ni ero lati mu ilọsiwaju olumulo ti awọn oluka Wikimedia kọja awọn oju opo wẹẹbu tiwa; mu arọwọto ati iwari akoonu; ati ilọsiwaju imọ ati irọrun ti ikasi ati ijẹrisi nipasẹ awọn ajo ti o tun lo data akanṣe Wikimedia julọ — nipasẹ awọn iṣẹ igbeowosile ara ẹni.

Idiwo ti o ga pupọ wa si titẹsi fun lilo data Wikimedia, ni ita awọn ọran lilo ti o wọpọ ti kika tabi ṣiṣatunṣe. Eyi jẹ nitori pe akoonu jẹ lile fun awọn ẹrọ lati pin ati oye, eyiti o ni ipa lori bii data iṣẹ akanṣe Wikimedia ti de opin ilolupo ti ara wa, ati iwọn ipa ti o le ni.

In the Movement Strategy recommendations to increase the sustainability of our movement and improve user experience there are the recommendations to, respectively: "Explore new opportunities for both revenue generation and free knowledge dissemination through partnerships and earned income—for example...Building enterprise-level APIs," and "Make the Wikimedia API suite more comprehensive, reliable, secure and fast, in partnership with large scale users.... and improve awareness of and ease of attribution and verifiability for content reusers."

It is well known that a few massive companies use our projects' data. Those companies recognize that without the Wikimedia projects, they would not be able to provide as rich or reliable an experience to their own users. There has long been a feeling among community members that these companies should do more to reinvest in the Wikimedia communities for the benefits they gain from the content and resources they use.

This led to the idea of developing a new approach that is more sustainable in the long term and provides a much clearer relationship between Wikimedia and enterprise users. Most financial benefit for Wikimedia would likely only come from a very small handful of heavy for-profit users, and would feed back into the Wikimedia movement.

As this idea developed, it became clear there is a responsibility to democratize our data for organizations that do not possess the resources of these largest users, to ensure we are leveling the playing field and helping to foster a healthy internet without reinforcing monopolies. The benefits of such a service shouldn't just be for startups or alternatives to the internet giants, but also for universities and university researchers; archives and archivists; along with the wider Wikimedia movement.


Idojukọ Idawọlẹ Wikimedia wa lori awọn iṣowo ti o tun lo akoonu wa, ni igbagbogbo ni iwọn nla-fun apẹẹrẹ, ṣepọ sinu awọn aworan imọ, wiwa, awọn oluranlọwọ ohun, awọn maapu, ijabọ iroyin, awọn irinṣẹ agbegbe, awọn ohun elo ẹnikẹta, ati awọn iwadii iwadii kikun-corpus. Imudara ọpọlọpọ awọn data data ti Wikimedia lati fi igbekalẹ lẹhin akoonu wa ti a ko ṣeto yoo gba gbogbo awọn olumulo akoonu wa laaye lati pade awọn ibeere kọọkan wọn lakoko ti o tun ṣeto wa lati kọ awọn irinṣẹ ati awọn iṣẹ tuntun ni ọjọ iwaju, ti o wa fun gbogbo eniyan. Awọn atunlo akoonu wa n wa awọn paati pataki mẹta:

  • Frequency: Regular current snapshots of Wikimedia projects
  • Reliability: Dependable, accessible infrastructure
  • Quality: a “best last revision”

Emphasizing a self-funding set of specific use cases allows the Wikimedia API team to focus on volunteers, teams, and organizations looking to access (and, most importantly, interact with) our data sets. This includes the majority of community editing tools, which will be out of scope for this service. For more information on improvements to the existing Wikimedia APIs see the service page on the "API Gateway" initiative.

Awọn ibi-afẹde eto:

  • 'Akoonu: Ṣe diẹ sii ti akoonu iṣipopada wa ni awọn ọna kika ẹrọ deede, wa larọwọto fun gbogbo awọn oniwadi ati awọn olumulo tun-olumulo.
  • Iru-orisun: Din iwulo fun aaye-kikan-giga-scraping nipasẹ igbohunsafẹfẹ-igbohunsafẹfẹ ati awọn atunlo iwọn-giga, eyiti o fojusi lọwọlọwọ awọn olupin iṣelọpọ wa.
  • Ikowojo': Pese ọna ti o han gedegbe ati diẹ sii fun awọn olumulo tun-olumulo lati tun ṣe idoko-owo awọn anfani ti a mu pada si iṣipopada, dipo ṣiṣe awọn ẹbun altruistic lẹẹkọọkan ti o yatọ ni iwọn.


Contact the team if you would like to arrange a conversation about this service with your community, at a time and meeting software platform of your choice.

Past public meetings:

...and also at the EMWCon Spring 2021 conference (video); March and July 2022 Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network (SWAN) meetings; the May 2021 Wikimedia Clinic; and at Wikimania 2021.

Following are the introduction paragraphs for a much more detailed Community essay.

The full essay covers the following topics

Libre and Gratis are the two meanings of “free,” commonly phrased as free as in speech, or free as in beer.

Wikimedia projects are, have always been, and will always remain libre. The principles of free cultural works mean that anyone can use Wikimedia without restriction, including commercially. As a movement, we embrace this. It is why we reject ‘non-commercial’ licenses, as they would limit the kinds of reuse possible. And it is why we consider commercial reuse an important means of distributing knowledge to audiences.

Equally, Wikimedia projects are, have always been, and will always remain gratis. The ability to freely access the knowledge available across all Wikimedia projects has always been core to the mission of the Foundation and the movement. We provide this access not only to individuals visiting our websites but also programmatically to machines so that our content can be repurposed in other environments. The full corpus of Wikimedia content always has been, and will continue to be, made available for reuse in various forms (including but not limited to database dumps, APIs, and scraping) at no cost.

As a result, our content is often repurposed by for-profit organizations that rely on it to support their business models, and which consequently earn revenue from it. Outside of voluntary corporate donations to the Wikimedia Foundation, the movement has never received benefits from any of this revenue through return investment. In acknowledgement of this, under the heading of Increase the sustainability of our movement the Movement Strategy process asked the Wikimedia Foundation to explore, among other things, “enterprise-level APIs...models for enterprise-scale for-profit reusers, taking care to avoid revenue dependencies or other undue external influence in product design and development.” Furthermore, under the heading Improve User Experience, a further recommendation stated, "Make the Wikimedia API suite more comprehensive, reliable, secure, and fast, in partnership with large scale users where that aligns with our mission and principles, to improve the user experience of both our direct and indirect users, increase the reach and discoverability of our content and the potential for data returns, and improve awareness of and ease of attribution and verifiability for content reusers."

The Enterprise project team is developing a new resource aimed at for-profit content reusers, who have product, service, and system requirements that go beyond what we freely provide. Use of this offering will not be required for for-profit content reuse; companies can continue to use the current tools available at no cost. All Enterprise API revenue will unequivocally be used to support the Wikimedia mission—for example, to fund Wikimedia programs or help grow the Wikimedia Endowment.

This project represents a new kind of activity at the Foundation. The project is at a very early stage that should be considered a learning period. We will have successes, we will make mistakes, and we will need to adapt our strategies. The team is committed to listening, engaging, and where possible, integrating the feedback we get on our work. This document is organic and is reflective of the team's current thinking; we are attempting to document as much work as possible in the open. Up until now, our work has been shaped by a series of initial interviews with community members, Wikimedia Foundation Board and staff, researchers, and reusers.

...continue to read the rest of the Community essay. See also the FAQ and Principles.

Given the nature of the service, primary decision making for it will rest with the Wikimedia Foundation. We are seeking community input, in particular from the technical community and those who have been involved in the strategy process, throughout the lifetime of the service. Technical feedback has been gathered from colleagues at the Wikimedia Foundation, industry and research partners, technical partners across the movement, and with the broader technical communities via Phabricator. Input into the funding development side of the service will follow a similar pattern. We will continue gathering input via research interviews and focus groups, as well feedback here on Meta as per our principles.


For full information about the product work, see the documentation homepage on and the API documentation subpage.

Over time, the "product" being offered will grow and improve. This information is accurate as of February 2023.

On-demand API

High-volume reusers that use an infrastructure reliant on the EventStream platform depend on services like RESTBase to pull HTML from page titles and current revisions to update their products. High-volume reusers have requested a reliable means to gather this data, as well as structures other than HTML when incorporating our content into their KGs and products.

Wikimedia Enterprise On-demand API, at release, will contain:

  • A commercial schema
  • SLA

Realtime API

High-volume reusers currently rely heavily on the changes that are pushed from our community to update their products in real time, using EventStream APIs to access such changes. High-volume reusers are interested in a service that will allow them to filter the changes they receive to limit their processing, guarantee stable HTTP connections to ensure no data loss, and supply a more useful schema to limit the number of api calls they need to make per event.

Enterprise Realtime API, at release, will contain:

  • Filtering of events by Project or Revision Namespace
  • Guaranteed connections
  • Commercially useful schema similar* to those that we are building in our On-demand API and Snapshot API
  • SLA

*We are still in the process of mapping out the technical specifications to determine the limitations of schema in event platforms and will post here when we have finalized our design.

Snapshot API

For high volume reusers that currently rely on the Wikimedia Dumps to access our information, we have created a solution to ingest Wikimedia content in near real time without excessive API calls (On-demand API) or maintaining hooks into our infrastructure (Realtime).

Enterprise Snapshot API, at release, will contain:

  • 24-hour JSON[1], Wikitext, or HTML compressed dumps of "text-based" Wikimedia projects
  • A hourly update file with revision changes of "text-based" Wikimedia projects
  • SLA
  1. JSON dumps will contain the same schema per page as the On-demand API.


There are several methods to obtain access to the Enterprise API datasets:

  • Paid
  • Free
    • Creating an account via the Enterprise API product website includes 10,000 on-demand API requests and monthly snapshot API file in NDJSON format at no cost.
    • An update of the Enterprise API data is provided for all every two weeks at
    • Snapshot API + Realtime (Batch) via Data services, available to anyone with a Wikimedia cloud services account.
    • Those who have a non-commercial and mission-relevant use-case, which cannot be fulfilled by existing free-access APIs/dumps etc, can request ongoing access to the paid service at no cost.


The Wikimedia Foundation staff who work specifically on this project:





Names in bold indicate management.

Many people from different teams also contribute significantly, including from the WMF Legal, Engineering, Partnerships, Design, Communications teams etc. Additional contract work provided by: Speed & Function are providing engineering support; PartnerHero provide customer support services; Vuurr are assisting our sales process; and Super Natural Design are the designers of the project website.

The board of the LLC overseeing the project are Ex officio from Wikimedia Foundation leadership, representing their Wikimedia Foundation staff roles. This includes the Chief Advancement Officer Lisa Seitz-Gruwell; General Counsel Stephen LaPorte; Chief Product and Technology Officer Selena Deckelman; and Lane Becker who serves as the LLC's president. The LLC is subject to the governance of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees as described at the Wikimedia Foundation Board Statement on Wikimedia Enterprise revenue principles.

Documents covering the legal relationship of the LLC to the Wikimedia Foundation are published on the Governance Wiki under "Category:Wikimedia Enterprise". Specifically, these are the operating, cost-sharing, and inter-company licensing agreements.The LLC's legal registration can be found at the State of Delaware, Division of Corporations, Entity name: Wikimedia, LLC, File number: 7828447.

See also: FAQ § Legal


Initial announcement - March 2021

Initial Wikimedia Foundation Diff blogpost
note: media stories listed below are written and published independently and were neither pre-reviewed nor approved by the WMF

Of particular note:

The Verge Wikimedia will launch a paid service for big tech companies
TecMundo Wikipedia will start charging Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple (translated from Portuguese)
9 to 5 Mac Apple might soon have to pay up for the Wikipedia data it uses Wikimedia launches its paid service (translated from Turkish)
Digital Trends Español Wikipedia will start charging large companies (translated from Spanish) Will Apple Soon Have Ti Pay Wikipedia For Information Taken From Siri? (translated from Italian)
iPadizate Apple will have to pay Wikipedia to use its data (translated from Spanish)
T3N Wikimedia Foundation launches paid service for Wikipedia content (translated from German)
The Telegraph Wikipedia plans to charge tech giants for access
iPhone Italia Wikipedia may soon ask Apple for 'the bill' (translated from Italian)
Mashable Wikipedia wants to charge Google, Amazon, and Apple for using its content
MacGeneration Apple, Google, and others could pay to mine Wikipedia information (translated from French)
AppleInsider Apple might soon pay for Wikipedia content Apple will soon have to pay for the Wikipedia data it uses (translated from Spanish)
RTL Nieuws Wikipedia will offer payment services to tech giants (translated from Dutch)
RPP Wikipedia will start charging giants like Google and Apple for the information in its encyclopedia (translated from Spanish)
Tuga Tech Apple may have to pay to use Wikipedia data (translated from Portuguese) Wikimedia Foundation launched a commercial project - the organization plans to collect fees from technology companies (translated from Russian)
turi2 Wikimedia launches paid service for businesses. (translated from German)
Sec News Wikipedia: Will Google, Amazon and Apple charge for its content? (translated from Greek)
El Español Wikipedia creates a paid version, but only for large companies (translated from Spanish) Big Tech firms will soon have to whip out their wallets in order to use Wikipedia
Les Echos Wikipedia wants to make Gafa pay (translated from the french)
Resumé The Omnicom agency is accused of forcing employees to return to the office - threatened with dismissal (translated from Swedish)
The Mac Observer Wikipedia Wants Big Tech to Pay for its Content
Tech Radar Big tech companies may soon have to pay for Wikipedia content
Web Tekno Wikipedia Seeks To Receive Money From Google And Apple For Using Its Content (translated from Turkish)
Gridam Wikimedia to launch paid service for internet giants (translated from French)
MC Pro Wikipedia will launch a paid edition for large technology platforms (translated from Spanish)
TechStory Wikipedia will not be free for tech-giants anymore, launches Wikimedia Enterprise
Hypebeast Wikipedia Is Putting a Price Tag on Its Content for Big Tech Companies
Punto Informatico Wikimedia Enterprise to debut by 2021 (translated from Italian)
Cybe Out Google and Apple will soon have to pay Wikipedia to access its content (translated from Italian)
SoMag News WikiMedia is launching paid service service
C News Wikipedia becomes paid. So far for IT giants (translated from Russian) Wikipedia Will Start Charging Tech Giants and Their Voice Assistants for Data Access Wikipedia Will Start Charging Tech Giants and Their Voice Assistants for Data Access
Hypebeast Wikimedia Foundation announces Wikimedia paid service 'Wikimedia Enterprise' (translated from Korean)
SDP Noticias Wikipedia will have a paid version for companies (translated from Spanish)
Exchange Wire Disney to Dethrone Netflix by 2024; Wikipedia to Charge Big Tech for Content Wiki will push the paid version of Wikimedia Enterprise to corporate customers, the current service is still free (translated from Traditional Chinese)
Clubic Wikimedia wants to make GAFA pay for more stable income (translated from French)
El Pais Wikipedia lanza un servicio para que las grandes tecnológicas paguen por usar su contenido
Hindustan Times Wikipedia will launch a paid service for enterprise later this year
AIN Wikipedia Publisher Launches Commercial Product - Wikimedia Enterprise (translated from Russian)
Gadgety The Wikimedia Foundation has announced its first commercial project (translated from Hebrew)
Tivi Now that’s enough for charity - Wikipedia is starting to ask for money for content (translated from Finnish)
Mikro Bitti Wikipedia is starting to sell its content - no longer just a free service (translated from Finnish)
TechTimes Amazon, Google, and Apple to Pay Wikipedia For Their Published Contents in the Future
Asia One Wikipedia is launching a paid service for big tech companies
L'usine Digitale Wikimedia wants to launch a new paid service for digital giants (translated from French)
IThome Wikimedia launches enterprise-level services for large commercial organizations to pay for content (translated from Traditional Chinese) Wikipedia will sell its content to businesses (translated from Danish)
Pirate Press Apple may soon have to pay if its wants to use data from Wikipedia
Spider's Web Wikipedia becomes a commercial, earning entity. This is great news (translated from Polish)
ComputerBild Wikimedia Enterprise: Wikipedia will ask for cash in the future (translated from German)
Cinco Días (El País) Wikipedia will launch its paid version for companies at the end of the year (translated from Spanish)
Vesti Wikipedia launches a paid service for large IT companies (translated from Bulgarian)
Slo Tech The Wikimedia Foundation prepares paid services (translated from Slovenian)
Web Pro News Wikimedia Enterprise Seeks to Turn Big Tech Into Paying Customers
Stuff Wikipedia will soon offer a paid service to Big Tech
Tech Radar Pro Wikipedia is getting a 'premium' paid version - but you can't get it
G1 Wikipedia launches paid service for companies to use its content (translated from Portuguese)
Sawt Beirut International Create a paid service for companies that rely on Wikipedia data (translated from Arabic) Wikipedia bargaining war! "Free Encyclopedia" intends to discuss content payment agreement with technology giants (translated from Traditional Chinese)
Newsgram Wikimedia To Launch New Paid Service For Tech Giants
blog none Launch of Wikimedia Enterprise, a paid API service that allows corporate customers to absorb massive amounts of data in real time. (translated from Thai)
cnBeta Wikimedia announces the launch of a new paid content for major technology companies (translated from Traditional Chinese)
der brutkasten Wikipedia misses out on a business model (translated from German)
Gadgets Now Apple, Google may have to pay to Wikipedia in the future, here's why Wikimedia To Launch Paid Service For Tech Companies
Money Control Wikipedia wants big tech to pay up for using its database
Techshout Wikipedia Wants Google, Facebook and Others To Pay For Using Its Content
Milenio Will you still be able to consult it? Wikipedia presents its paid version, oriented to companies (translated from Spanish)
Canal RCN Wikipedia will launch a paid version for companies (translated from Spanish)
nuevodiario.web Wikipedia announces its first paid version aimed at large companies (translated from Spanish)
El Heraldo Won't it be FREE anymore? Wikipedia announces new paid version (translated from Spanish)
New Kerala Wikimedia plans paid service for big tech firms
Ammon News Wikipedia turns some of its services into "paid" (translated from Arabic)
Nexofin Wikipedia announces that it will have a paid version (translated from Spanish)
PocketNow At last, Wikipedia asks tech giants to pay for solving their own problems Wikipedia Finally Asks Big Businesses To Pay: Wikimedia Enterprise Will Provide New Options For Businesses Using Its Content (translated from French)
The Times Hub Wikipedia Launches a Service for Big Tech to Pay to Use Their Content Google and Co. should pay: Wikipedia plans payment service Wikimedia Enterprise (translated from German)
Gigazine Wikimedia Foundation announces offering paid "enterprise API" (translated from Japanese) Apple may have to pay. If you want to use information from Wikipedia (translated from Thai) Wikimedia is preparing a paid service for large companies that use data from Wikipedia (translated from Czech)
Thanh Niên Apple will pay for Wikipedia content (translated from Vietnamese)
Business Insider Mexico Wikimedia will offer a payment service to companies that use its content (translated from Spanish)
Yahoo News Wikipedia plans to charge large organizations using its encyclopedia
Engadget Wikipedia plans to charge large organizations using its encyclopedia
Yahoo! Finance Wikipedia plans to charge large organizations using its encyclopedia Wikipedia will launch a paid service Wikimedia Enterprise for large companies this summer (translated from Russian)
Micky Apple, Google and Facebook soon to pay for Wikipedia links
HackerNews Wikimedia Foundation to offer community's free content via paid-for Enterprise API
Heise Online Wikimedia Enterprise: Wikimedia Foundation creates business customer access (translated from German)
Jablickar Apple today: Another source has refuted the arrival of AirPods 3 and Apple may have to pay Wikipedia (translated from Czech)
Belbalady Baladi: Wikipedia intends to charge technology companies to use its platform (translated from Arabic)
Feber Wikimedia launches business payment service (translated from Swedish)
Letem světem Applem Apple may have to pay Wikipedia to use Siri's content (translated from Czech)
Digital Information World Wikipedia to Now Charge Big Tech Giants for Using Its Content
Go4it Wikipedia introduces paid services through Wikimedia Enterprise (translated from Romanian)
Critical Hit Wikipedia launches a new premium service for corporates No longer free, Wikipedia will charge users (translated from Indonesian)
Syoa Cincau Wikipedia to launch a new service to make big tech companies pay for their content
Techtoday Wikipedia will be paid, but users should not worry (translated from Ukrainian)
Canal Tech Wikipedia will have a paid version, but you won't be able to use it; understand the reason (translated from Portuguese)
WIRED Italia Wikipedia will have a paid service reserved for big techs (translated from Italian)
WERSM Wikimedia Creates New Paid Enterprise Service
The Hustle Big Tech loves using Wikipedia. Now, the free site is planning an enterprise product. Wikipedia will charge large organizations that use it (translated from Bulgarian)
ProgrammableWeb The Wikimedia Foundation Launches a Fee-Based Enterprise API Wikimedia launches a paid service for large companies (translated from Croatian)
ilan365 Reason Use of Content: Wikipedia Will Receive Money From Google And Apple (translated from Turkish)
De Standaard Wikipedia is getting a paid version (translated from Dutch)
El Universal Wikipedia plans to start charging for its content (translated from Spanish) Reports: Use of Wikipedia will not be free for these parties (translated from Arabic)
TechOrange [Wikipedia is going to be commercialized? 】Free Wiki stepping into history, intending to charge large-scale technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook (Traditional Chinese)
Sputnik News "Wikipedia" to charge for major IT companies (translated from Japanese)
Market Research Telecast Wikipedia announces its first paid version for large companies
TCN Wikipedia plans to charge a series of fees for names Apple, Google, Amazon ... (translated from Vietnamese)
Business AM Wikipedia will soon no longer be free for everyone (translated from Dutch)
Tamindir You will not be able to buy the Wikipedia Paid Membership System (translated from Turkish) Wikipedia's payday: Wikimedia Enterprise is born (translated from Italian)
Tweakers Wikimedia foundation starts a company that delivers content to tech companies for money (translated from Dutch)
The Hindu Wikipedia wants big tech to pay for using its content
MediaPost Wikipedia Wants Tech To Pay Up For Content
MSN Wikipedia is set to start charging big businesses for its encylopedia data
Game Stanza Wikipedia is about to Charge Google, Amazon, and Apple for using its content! : Technology Wikipedia wants to bring GAFA to the cashier (translated from French)
Hebergement Webs Wikipedia is preparing accounts for large companies for its encyclopedia data (translated from Lithuanian)
Abondance Wikimedia Enterprise: Wikipedia wants to charge the big guys on the Web to use its data (translated from French)
Xataka What is Wikimedia Enterprise and how will paid Wikipedia affect businesses (translated from Spanish)
The Friday Checkout Story 3: Wikipedia getting paid (via YouTube)
Business Insider Apple, Amazon, and Google don't pay to integrate Wikipedia articles into their search products. The non-profit now hopes to use contracts with Big Tech to help fund 'knowledge equity' around the world.
La Stampa Are the tech greats willing to pay to use Wikipedia? (translated from Italian)
China Press Wikipedia will charge a fee! (translated from Simplified Chinese)
TecnoAndroid Wikipedia: Apple, Amazon and Google will have to pay for the internal explanatory links (translated from Italian)
CTWANT Don't even think about earning so much. Wikipedia will charge the tech giants for free (translated from Traditional Chinese)
BitPort A really weird pairing: comes the enterprise Wikipedia (translated from Hungarian)
Business Insider South Africa Apple, Amazon, and Google use Wikipedia for free – but new enterprise contracts may change that
El Mundo (Pixel) Wikipedia is paid: this is all you need to know (translated from Spanish)
Libre Mercado Wikipedia wants to charge Google, Facebook or Amazon for a new service (translated from Spanish) Wikipedia will ask the tech giants to stop using their platforms (translated from Vietnamese)
itZone Wikipedia will ask the tech giants to stop using their platforms
Corriere della Sera Wikipedia launches Enterprise: Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook now have to pay for its content (translated from Italian)
kumparanTech Wikipedia Will Have Premium Version, Comotous Content is Charged (translated from Indonesian)
iDrop News Time to Pay? Wikipedia Is Looking for Cash from Google, Amazon, and Apple
Connect! Wikipedia charges for its services. But it will remain free for ordinary users (translated from Czech) Wikipedia is launching a paid service for big tech (translated from Polish)
El Comercio Wikipedia announces its first paid version on the internet (translated from Spanish)
PYMNTS Big Tech Compliance Tracker: Apple Ordered To Pay $308.5 Million Over Patent Infringement; Multiple US States Join Texas-Led Antitrust Suit Against Google
ComputerWorld Wikipedia on the way with new payment service: Want the tech giants to cough up (translated from Danish) Wikipedia will be paid for by IT giants (translated from Ukrainian)
ZDNet France Wikimedia Foundation wants to sell tech giants improved access to Wikipedia data (translated from French)
HICOMM Paid Wikipedia platform launched for technology giants (translated from Bulgarian)
iPro Up Wikipedia launches its paid version aimed at companies (translated from Spanish)
Agencja Informacyjna Wikipedia is commercializing (translated from Polish)
Medianama Wikimedia Introduces Paid Version Of Wikipedia For Big Tech
tyinternety Wikipedia wants Google, Amazon and Apple to pay for using its content (translated from Czech)
Breitbart Wikipedia Seeks to Tighten Its Relationship with Big Tech
Nezavisne novine Wikimedia is launching a paid service for large companies (translated from Bosnian)
Pravda Wikipedia will charge encyclopedia access fees from large companies (translated from Slovak)
it resenja Wikimedia is launching a paid service for large companies (translated from Bosnian) Wikimedia will launch a paid service for large technology companies (translated from Croatian)
Digital de León Wikipedia will be paid, we tell you everything (translated from Spanish)
Business Insider Italia Apple, Amazon and Google take advantage of Wikipedia for free. But with the new business contracts, things could change (translated from Italian)
Compromiso Atresmedia Wikipedia will have a paid service (although you will never use it) (translated from Spanish)
31Mag Wikimedia will no longer be free for Internet giants (translated from Italian)
SDP Noticias Wikipedia would charge Google and Amazon for using your information (translated from Spanish)
65 y Más Wikipedia Enterprise: the new paid version for companies (translated from Spanish)
GizLogic Wikipedia Enterprise, the paid version for companies confirmed (translated from Spanish) Wikipedia no longer wants to be free, it wants to make money. Siri and Alexa will pay (translated from Czech)
Commercial launch - October 2021

Wikimedia Foundation Press release

Of particular note:

MacObserver New Wikimedia Enterprise API Enables Public Data Access
Programmable Web Daily API Roundup: Wikimedia, APM Terminals. Hot Stokes, Postnick
The Information Wikimedia Foundation Asks Big Tech To Pay For Trove of Data
Golem Wikipedia gets a commercial offer (Translated from German) Wikimedia Enterprise has a commercial offer (Translated from German)
First customers - June 2022

Press Release
note: media stories listed below are written and published independently and were neither pre-reviewed nor approved by the WMF

Of particular note:

Tech News Wikipedia for-profit platform launches, with Google as its first customers
Chrome Unboxed Google partners with Wikimedia Foundation to leverage its information in Search
Media Post Google To Pay Wikipedia For Content In Search, Knowledge Panel
Business Recorder Google agrees to pay for beefed-up Wikipedia service
CNBC TV 18 This week in Tech: Telegram’s premium service, Google to partner with Wikipedia, and more about Nothing Phone
Lao Dong Google becomes the first customer of Wikimedia Enterprise
The Times of India Google paying Wikimedia Foundation to access its content more efficiently
Domain B Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
PC Guia Google will pay for content to Wikipedia
India Today Google to work with Wikimedia Enterprise to access and use Wikipedia content
My Navi News Google et al. Became the first customer of "Wikimedia Enterprise" to acquire 100 million pages of content via API
The News International Google agrees to pay for beefed-up Wikipedia service
Siasat Daily, The Google paying Wikimedia Foundation to access its content more efficiently
ZD Net Wikimedia Enterprise announces its first customer: Google
Metro Libre Internet Archive and Google, first clients of Wikimedia Enterprise
California 18 Google will pay Wikipedia for the use of its content on its search engine
Siecle Digital Google and Internet Archives are the first customers of Wikimedia Enterprise
Le Courrier Google becomes a Wikipedia customer
Sempre Update Google starts paying the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia administrator
Business Insider Netherlands In addition to news media, Google will now also pay Wikipedia for sharing information
Economic Times Google paying Wikimedia Foundation to access its content more efficiently
Europa Press Internet Archive y Google, primeros clientes de Wikimedia Enterprise
La Nacion Internet Archive and Google, the first Wikimedia Enterprise customers
Business Insider India Google becomes one of the first companies to pay Wikimedia - the group behind Wikipedia
WION Search giant Google ready to pay for enhanced Wikipedia services
New India Express Google agrees to pay for ramped-up Wikipedia service
Tweakers Internet Archive gets free access to commercial Wikimedia Enterprise API
CN Beta Wikimedia Enterprise announces Google and the Internet Archive as its first customers
Gigazine The Wikimedia Foundation officially released the paid API service "Wikimedia Enterprise", and the first customers are Google and Internet Archive.
Radio Canada Google becomes one of the first customers of Wikimedia, the foundation behind Wikipedia
Le Numeriques Google will pay to have better access to Wikipedia
Exame Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
Lesoir Google becomes a Wikipedia customer
Madison Leader Gazzette, The Google is paying the Wikimedia Foundation for better access to information
wwwhatsnew Estos son los primeros clientes de Wikimedia Enterprise: Google y Internet Archive
Golem De Google pays for use of Wikipedia content
Bolly Inside To improve access to information, Google is funding the Wikimedia Foundation
Voonze These are the first clients of Wikimedia Enterprise: Google and Internet Archive
Next Impact Wikimedia Enterprise announces its first two customers: Google and Internet Archive
Diario De Penambuco Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
Olhardigital Google partners with the company responsible for Wikipedia
3d News The first clients of Wikimedia Enterprise were Google and Internet Archive
Nieuws Google will pay for information from Wikipedia
Estado de Minas Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
Le Figaro Google will pay for information from Wikipedia
France 24 Google becomes a Wikipedia customer
Heise Online Wikipedia finds celebrity buyers for access to free info
Excelsior Google makes a deal with Wikipedia, they will pay for content
RFI Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
CNBC TV 18 Google will now pay Wikimedia for improved access to information
ENCA Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content
El Universal Google becomes a Wikipedia client
NDTV Gadgets Google Agrees to Pay for Wikipedia Content Displayed on Search Engine
Tech Crunch Google and the Internet Archive are the first customers to pay for commercial access to Wikipedia content

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