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Some impressions from the brand workshop in Bengaluru

As part of the 2030 movement brand project, the Wikimedia Foundation, along with its design partner, Snøhetta, hosted an in-person workshop in Bengaluru, India in February 2020. There were 41 participants. Participants from 23 countries were present. 26 volunteers and 15 Wikimedia Foundation staff were present along with members of the Snøhetta staff.

The objective of the workshop was to allow participants to collectively contemplate the question "Who are we?" as a movement. Participants broke into small groups and chose a general concept that they felt best represents the movement. Each group then built physical models or chose an existing image to explain their choice.

The concepts from the Oslo brand workshop, the Bengaluru brand workshop and the online workshops generated a total of 23 concepts. The 23 concepts were presented to the community for feedback in the March 2020 exercise "Who are we?". Feedback and engagement on the series of concepts is being used to develop a single concept from the 23 to guide proposals around naming conventions and brand design.


  • 41 total participants.
  • 25 in Group 1, 25 in Group 2.
  • 13 home wikis present.
  • 23 regions present.
  • 26 volunteers and 15 Wikimedia Foundation staff participated.
Username Home wiki Region Affiliation
AbhiSuryawanshi enwiki India
Afek91 metawiki Tunisa Wikimedia Tunisia User Group
ANKAN enwiki Bangladesh Bengali community (Executive Member, Wikimedia Bangladesh)
Bachounda arwiki Algeria Algerian wikimedian UG aka WikiDZ
Biyanto Rebin (WMID) metawiki Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia
Exec8 enwiki Thailand Eseap
GoEThe ptwiki Portugal Wikimedia Portugal
Ircpresident arwiki Egypt Arabic Wikipedia
Jetam2 skwiki Slovakia Wikimedians of Slovakia UG/sk.wiki community
Manavpreet Kaur pawiki India Punjabi Wikimedians UG, Affiliations Committee
Marajozkee enwiki India Wikimedia India, Bangla Community.
Mardetanha fawiki Iran iranian wikimedian user group
Motoko C. K. kowiki South Korea Wikimedia Korea
NahidSultan enwiki Bangeladesh Wikimedia Bangladesh, Bangla Wikipedia
Nassima Chahboun enwiki Morocco Wikimedia Morocco User Group
Oscar_. eswiki Venezula Wikimedia Venezuela
Owula kpakpo enwiki Ghana Volunteer and member of Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Psubhashish orwiki India Bengaluru
Reem Al-Kashif arwiki Egypt Wikimedia Egypt
Roxyuru eswiki Uruguay Wikipedia & Education User Group, WikiProject Women in Red
Sami Mlouhi frwiki Tunisa Secretary of AffCom , Wikimedia TN User Group (Tunisia)
Theklan euwiki Spain Basque Wikimedians User Group
Vanjpadilla enwikinews Philipines Philwiki community
WhisperToMe enwiki Hong Kong Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
Yamen frwiki Tunisa Wikimedia Tunisia User Group
عرين أسد أبو رمان arwiki Jordan Wikimedia of Levant
AAlikhan (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
CKoerner (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
Delphine (WMF) metawiki Germany Wikimedia Foundation staff
DZierten (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
ELappen (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
EZar (WMF) metawiki Australia Wikimedia Foundation staff
Heather (WMF) enwiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
JUzzell (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
KMpumlwana (WMF) metawiki South Africa Wikimedia Foundation staff
LNavarro (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
RSharma (WMF) metawiki India Wikimedia Foundation staff
Selsharbaty (WMF) enwiki Egypt Wikimedia Foundation staff
SGautam (WMF) metawiki India Wikimedia Foundation staff
THasan (WMF) metawiki India Wikimedia Foundation staff
ZMcCune (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff

Participants by home wiki. Foundation staff included.
Participants by Region. Foundation staff included.
  • Median edits (including staff): 4,994
    • Average account age: 5 years
  • Median edits (excluding staff): 16,314.5
    • Average account age: 6.9 years


  • "Home wiki" is defined using the CentralAuth definition, "This is the wiki at which the account was initially merged. Note that it may differ from the real home wiki of that user."
  • Some users are more active on projects other than their home wiki.

For information on how participants were selected, see the project FAQ.


Six concepts were developed during the Bengaluru workshop. The process of creating the concepts in Bengaluru described in detail in the blog post "Our final concept workshop".

What is a concept?[edit]

A concept is a tool making the complex more understandable. Concepts consolidate vast amounts of facts, data and details into a singular definition in its context. The workshop divided participants into groups to develop a unifying concept to answer the question "Who are we?" as a movement.

Concepts developed[edit]


“As the Galaxy we are always in transformation”

We are defined by diversity, inclusiveness and openness, and we are never ending. Like a galaxy our project is diverse and different from all angles. We are represented by both what you see, and by what you do not see, with the understanding that our potential is limitless.


Limitless | Sum | Open | Point of view | Diverse


“Working together towards a shared purpose”

The Arabic word نتكاتف is similar in meaning to working together towards a shared purpose. Everything that we are and everything that we do is connected. Our actions are generating energy and interconnectivity. The model is visualising the diversity among us with different cultures, colours, directions, sizes and materials. We are stronger when we are together!


Collective | Energy | Open | Connect | Diverse


“The flowing and interchange of knowledge”

A connection is the relationship in which a person or thing is linked to something else. Connections define the core of who we are, from the links between our brain cells and individual thoughts to the connections between people, cultures and knowledge. No knowledge would ever grow without individuals connecting.


Connect | Collective | Human | Diverse | Growth



“The sum of all collective work”

Each language has a word for collective work: Ausoland, Dugnad, Busy Bee, Harambee etc. We are all pulling together to work and create something bigger. We might have different words, but we share the same vision.


Sum | Generative | Work in progress | Collaboration | Human



“The Ocean is owned by everyone and should be accessible to anyone.”

There is an ocean of knowledge that belong to everyone. Some have great coastlines and can access it easily, others have barriers challenging their access. We have different types of ocean, quiet, stormy, warm or cold, arctic or tropical, but they are all a part of one big whole.


  • Collective | Unity | Open | Knowledge | Point of view



“We are built out of many parts – from the very big to the very small”

The Universe represents the idea of millions of elements coming together as one bigger whole. Even though we know a part of it, we also know that there are many more areas we have yet to discover. The Universe can be seen as a physical space, but also as a metaphysical space.


Collective | Diverse | Generative | Greater good | Open

What happened with the concepts developed?[edit]

Concepts from the workshops in Bengaluru, Oslo and online were compiled and presented to the community for feedback in the exercise entitled "Who are we?". Feedback on these concepts is being used to develop one single concept that Snøhetta will use to make proposals around a naming convention and brand design system later in the brand project.

Photo gallery[edit]

More photos on Commons.

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