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Kommunikation/Wikimedia-varumärken/2030 rörelsens varumärkesprojekt/Namnkonventionsförslag

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The second phase of the 2030 Movement Brand Project invited affiliates, individual contributors and Wikimedia Foundation staff to provide feedback on proposed names for our movement. The proposals were a starting point, and feedback was used to remove, refine and recombine elements of different proposals into a single proposal.

Återkoppling kan ges genom enkät, på denna diskussionssida, och på diskussionssidor för de olika förslagen (linked nedan).

Återkoppling önskas mellan 16 och 30 juni.

"Obs. Enkäten utförs med hjälp av en oberoende tjänst som därmed kan ställa ytterligare villkor. Mer info beträffande personlig integritet och hur avgivet data kommer att hanteras finns att läsa på survey privacy statement."

A compelling brand for our movement

Our free knowledge projects are created by a global movement. Since 2003, we have used the term “Wikimedia” to refer to this movement. However, after 15 years, the name “Wikimedia” remains unknown and confusing to the outside world. This makes it an ineffective tool for explaining who we are, demonstrating the impact of our work, and inviting new people in. By contrast, Wikipedia is globally-recognized, but it is not widely understood as part of a larger ecosystem of projects and communities. The Brand Project works with communities to bridge this gap. It uses Wikipedia as a central reference point in developing a brand proposal that communicates who we are as an interconnected, global movement.

The 2030 Movement Brand Project aims to create a unified, compelling brand for our movement that shows the world who we are, elevates the critical work we are doing, and inspires new editors, partners and communities to join us in setting knowledge free.

"Wikimedia" är okänt och förvirrande för världen utanför, vilket gör det svårt för oss att förklara vilka vi är, visa på resultatet av vårt arbete, och bjuda in nya användare.

Wikimedia movement branding is not serving its purpose. Branding is a powerful tool for organizations to communicate who they are and form connections with the outside world.

To create a unified, compelling movement brand–using Wikipedia as a central reference point–that shows the world who we are, elevates the critical work we are doing, and inspires others to join us in setting knowledge free.


During this phase the Wikimedia community was asked to review the details of each proposal. Discussion specific to each proposal should be on the corresponding Talk page. Feedback connecting multiple proposals should be shared on this talk page.

Please note, the proposals are a starting point for discussion. The survey allowed respondents to suggest variations on any of the three proposals, or recommend things for removal, refinement and recombining. It also allowed respondents to submit their own proposal. Respondents could read the entire survey text before responding to the survey.

Click on a proposal to be taken to its subpage.

What is in scope for the naming proposals

The 2030 Movement Brand Project proposed names for the movement, the affiliates, and the Foundation. Changes were not being proposed to the names of the projects.

Vad händer sedan

All data from the surveys will be published on Meta-Wiki and will be anonymous for individual contributors. The report from this phase is now available on meta and Wikimedia Commons.

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees has resolved to pause the Movement Brand Project until March 2021. Read the full resolution on the Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki.

The completion of the naming phase and starting design phase will be determined by March 2021.


Naming survey feedback report