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Call for feedback: Community Board seats
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To allow for more community control of the community trustee selection process, a new Selection Committee could be created. The Selection Committee would be responsible for evaluating candidates using the trustee evaluation form, ranking them, and it could assist the Board in the vetting of candidates.

There are two significant ways in which the Selection Committee would differ from the current Elections Committee:

  1. The Selection Committee would be involved in the substantive evaluation of candidates, whereas the Elections Committee’s focus is on the administration and operations of the selection process.
  2. The Elections Committee is entirely selected by the Board (specifically, by the Board Governance Committee), but the Selection Committee would be at least partially selected via community election. The Board is considering using the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) as a model for how the Selection Committee could be composed, with a mix of community-elected and Board-selected members.

One possibility could be for the Selection Committee to be entirely community-driven, with two delegated Board members as members or liaisons. In this variant, where the community-driven Selection Committee evaluates and ranks all candidates, the Board could be required to appoint trustees from among a slate of top ranked candidates.

The Board seeks feedback on the idea of a Selection Committee. The Board also seeks feedback on whether the Selection Committee, if one is to be created, should serve to filter candidates before a community vote or if it should directly select candidates for the Board to appoint.

Summary of ongoing feedback[edit]

The summary of feedback about this idea has been merged with the summary at Community-elected Selection Committee.