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Annual plan

For the 2023-24 annual plan, we will continue to focus on Commons and Wikisource, which are so important to this network, and build our strategic alliances with museums and archives to fill visual knowledge gaps and diversify information sources in local and indigenous languages.

Last year, we supported OpenRefine to develop a Commons extension to batch upload media with structured data. This year, we’re providing follow-on support, so they can promote its use through small improvements, a train-the-trainer program, documentation, and a WikiLearn course.

In response to community calls for a simpler contribution experience for photographers and small institutions, we're partnering with the Flickr Foundation on an integrated upload experience.

To equip our communities and partners to understand and evidence the impact of their contributions to Commons, we will coordinate across the Movement to define the metrics that matter for GLAMs and work with the Product team to start delivering them.

Responding to interest from communities in ESEAP, South Asia, and Africa, we will open the Wikisource Loves Manuscripts initiative to a broader cohort of learning partners, providing support through our grant programs, technical partnerships, and links to institutions that hold relevant collections.

We will strengthen the culture and heritage network through improved support for thematic user groups, including the potential Language Diversity Hub; a coordinated engagement with museums at the conference of the International Council of Museums; and support to the Movement's first global community convening in five years, GLAM Wiki: The Culture, Heritage and Wikimedia Conference.

The Movement's engagement with libraries is at a more developed stage. We will continue to collaborate with key partners and user groups to evaluate our library programs and develop a plan for sustainable support in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and CEE regions where we see the most momentum. We will also proactively support the next global Wikimedia + Libraries convention, anticipated in 2024.

Active collaborations
Activity Partners Calls to action
Wikisource Loves Manuscripts Wikimedia Indonesia, PPIM, IIIT Hyderabad, British Library, READ COOP (Transkribus) Join as a learning partner
Flickypedia Flickr Foundation, Commons Photographers User Group, and Magnus Manske Register your interest on the project page
OpenRefine training Code for Science and Society Register your interest on the project page
Outreach to ICOM at the September conference in Valencia Wikimedia España, Amical Wikimedia, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia Deutschland, and Wikimedia Sverige Help us build our landing page on Meta
Metrics that Matter for Commons Wikimedia Israel, European GLAM Coordinators, WREN Share your requirements

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Culture and Heritage

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images and media, metrics, Commons, partnerships with cultural institutions

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Culture and Heritage

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SPatnaik (WMF)
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community engagement, language inclusion, decolonization, the intersection of culture, heritage and education

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The Wikipedia Library, academic publishing, content partnerships

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