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Wikimedia MA User Group/2021

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2021 Annual Report

WikiConvention francophone 2021 (20 - 21 November) - Online


Anass Sedrati, Soukaina Abelhad and Brahim Faraji, made two presentations at the French-speaking Wiki-conference. Anass presented the results of the survey study that he made about regional hubs in the Arabic speaking region, while Soukaina and Brahim shared their experience in relation with the pilot education project that was conducted in the country during 2020.

WikiIndaba 2021 (5 - 7 November) - Online


For the African conference, two group members have made presentations related to the movement's strategy. Anass Sedrati presented in a joint panel his research work about regional hubs implementation, while Reda Benkhadra introduced the state of Free Knowlegde in Africa.

WikiArabia 2021 (15 - 17 October) - Online


The fifth edition of WikiArabia, organized by Wikimedia Algeria UG, saw notable participation from Wikimedia Morocco members, in several interesting panels and presentations. The interventions included “Reading Wikipedia in the classroom” by Soukaina Abelhad and Brahim Faraji, “Volunteering in the Wikimedia movement” by Anass Sedrati and Reda Benkhadra, and “How to motivate editors to contribute continuously” by Zahira Gormat as well as the group participation at the affiliates round table, represented by the president Reda Benkhadra.

Arctic Knot Conference 2021, (24 - 25 June) - (Online)


For the third participation of the user group, and the second in the digital edition of the minority languages conference, Anass Sedrati and Reda Benkhadra, both user group members, shared a presentation entitled “How can editing contests support smaller Wikipedias?”. The presentation, inspired from work conducted in Morocco, aimed to introduce the audience to the importance of organizing contests in supporting smaller Wikipedias, even those still hosted in the incubator, to encourage more editors to participate in these versions.

A full recording of the session can be found on Youtube.

ContribuLing 2021, (3 - 4 June) - Online


Wikimedia Morocco participated actively in organizing the first edition of the ContribuLing conference. This event, a collaboration between INALCO, Wikimedias (France & Morocco), BULAC and UCAM, aimed to offer members of linguistic resource platforms an opportunity to give presentations on their tools and workshops on their use that will enable would-be users to contribute. Anass Sedrati participated with the organization committee in different tasks, while Reda Benkhadra held a presentation about the Wikimedia Incubator.

Wikimedia Morocco was one of the first groups that joined the Wiki for Human Rights campaign organized by the Wikimedia Foundation and the OHCHR to raise awareness about the importance of documenting and advocating human rights.

  • Theme: The right to a healthy environment.
  • Contests in 4 languages: Arabic, French, Moroccan Arabic (Darija), Tachelhit.
  • 20 participants wrote 247 articles:
    • 145 in Arabic
    • 49 in French
    • 35 in Tachelhit
    • 18 in Moroccan Darija

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