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This is a report about the activities of chapter-to-be Wikimedia Slovakia in the year 2013.



After the change of our address in September 2012, we were able to open a bank account in 2013. The bank account enabled the possibility for grants and bigger projects, our first grant was undergone with the help of a fiscal partner.

For reimbursing our past expenses and testing new ideas we have asked for a start-up grant, which was approved.

Our communication infrastructure was enriched by 2 new mailing lists - Wikimedia-SK for general communication and wikimedia-sk-oznamy for announcements.

Generally assembly[edit]

The Generally assembly of Wikimedia Slovakia took place on 23th of March 2013. Past activities of the organization from 2012 and plans for 2013 were presented. The board presented some issues, which the organisation faces, especially in relation to the international Wikimedia movement as not-yet-recognized entity. Members have expressed the will to follow the original plan to become recognized as a Wikimedia chapter without being a Wikimedia User group.

Board situation[edit]

Shortly after generally assembly in 2012 one of the founders of WMSK Rudolf Šmehýl aka Rudko resignated on his position of vice president of WMSK due to reciprocal misinterpretation between him and president of WMSK. Another members of board met on 16th of April 2013 and voted to change board roles. Since then the board consists of the president KuboF and vice-president Jetam2. Rudko still supports WMSK as a registrator, owner and payer of the webpages and and also with his participation of projects for Wikipedia Slovakia. The board has decided to make full voting on a new board during the next generally assembly, which will take place next year.


Wiki Loves Monuments 2013[edit]

One of winner photos from WLM SK 2013

In 2013 Wikimedia Slovakia organised the Slovakian part of the international photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments. Using experiences, previously-created infrastructure and contacts from 2012, the year 2013 was more professional. (grant report) 2729 photos were submitted to the contest by 76 contributors. The number of photographs was 3.58 times higher than the previous year. The total size exceeded 5 GB of photographic material. Our main partner for the competition was The Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic.

Day of Financial literacy with Wikipedia[edit]

Day of Financial literacy with Wikipedia is an article writing contest on the Slovak Wikipedia co-organized by Wikimedia Slovakia and the foundation Nadácia PARTNERS. The contest lasted from 9.9. to 9.11. and resulted in 33 created and 14 improved articles. The prizes for the contest were provided by Nadácia PARTNERS.

The contest was de-facto cloned from the WMCZ's version.

Wiki for students, students for Wiki[edit]

Program of Wikipedia Ambasadors called Wiki for students, students for Wiki was launched, lead by Peko. The first collaboration was established with Prof. RNDr. Ladislav Tolmáči, PhD from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University (Bratislava) about countries of the world.

Commons support[edit]

One of the first photos obtained in collaboration with NGOs

Basic infrastructure for the upcoming Commons related projects was created. The infrastructure was first used by the Slovakian NGO Združenie Slatinka to upload their photos. We are planning to use this contact for further Wikipedia training.


Presentations made by WMSK:

  • 29.5.2013 - Wikipedia in education for teachers from basic and secondary schools attending the seminar Open digital technologies in education organised by the Institute of Information and Prognosis of Education
  • 21.10.2013 - Wikipedia in school for teachers of Bratislava's basic school
  • 30.11.2013 - Revolution named Wikidata for the Czech WikiConference

WMSK have attended presentations:

  • 19.3.2013 - Copyright Law in School by Creative Commons Slovakia organised by the Institute of Information and Prognosis of Education
  • 18.10.2013 - Joy with Kids
  • 13.11.2013 - Innovations and Freedon in Education organised by Progressbar

International Cooperation[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2013[edit]

(April 2013) Two representatives from Wikimedia Slovakia attended the Wikimedia Conference in Milan, Italy. (state of the organisation)

Wikimania 2013[edit]

(August 2013) Two representatives from Slovakia attended Wikimania 2013.

Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013[edit]

Group photo from Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013

(November 2013) Wikimedia SK with Education@Internet co-organized the second meeting of Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe group, Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013 in Modra, Slovakia. The meeting lasted for 4 days and was attended by 35 attendants from 17 organisations/communities. PhDr. Ľuboš Blaha PhD. chair of Committee of National Council of Slovak Republic for European affairs, became honorary patron. A project V4 for Wikipedia took place during this conference for participants from countries of the Visegrad Group. We have asked WMF for a grant, which was not approved; for the most part the meeting was covered by International Visegrad Fund.