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Basic information[edit]

Grant details[edit]

Project details[edit]

Official project name
Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013
Project start date (include month, day, and year)
14 November 2013
Project completion date (include month, day, and year)
17 November 2013
Please describe the project in 1–2 sentences
Organising of Wikimedia conference for affiliations and communities from CEE region. Intterchanging of skills and experiences with more developed affiliations.

Financial details[edit]

Currency requested
Amount requested in currency requested
6,540 EUR
Equivalent amount in US$ on the date of this submission
8,9493 USD
List the exchange rate used to calculate the amount listed in US$
1,3684 USD = 1 EUR ( on 18 October 2013)

Grantee details[edit]

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What is the official name of the organization requesting this grant?
Wikimedia Slovenská republika
Are you an organization, an individual, or an individual submitting on behalf of a group?
Are you a for-profit entity?
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EX: A complete list of staff and contractors is available at

Contact information[edit]

Primary contact name
Michal Matúšov
Primary contact username or email
User:KuboF (e-mail)
Primary contact title (position within the organization)

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Project lead name
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any

Goals and measures of success[edit]

Project goal[edit]

Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful.

Project goal
Basic goal of this conference is to fortify mutual collaboration between Wikimedia affiliates and communities in CEE region. By bringing many people from as many Wikimedia communities as possible we want to encourage discussion about many affairs related to organising local Wikimedia movement and search for solutions based on best practices of others. Many countries and Wikimedia communities already had only small chance to participate international Wikimedia movement, especially communities of small projects.
  • development and strengthening of the existing Wikimedia Affiliations in the region;
  • development and strengthening cooperation between the affiliations;
  • encouraging the people from the CEE countries with no local affiliation to participate at the conferences related to Wikimedia;
  • supporting the participants from the countries who haven’t established a Wikimedia Chapter yet, but are striving to do it in the time to come.

Measures of success[edit]

Please provide a list of measurable criteria that will be used determine how successful the project is. You will need to report on the success of the project according to these measures after the project is completed.

Measures of success
at least 40 attendants
decent media coverage
developing of collaboration projects between (at least some) CEE countries

Project scope and activities[edit]

This section describes what will happen if this project is funded. Who will do what, and when?

List of activities

This conference is succeeder of Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2012 and stands on many principles and discussions made during its preparation. The plan is to provide space and time for attendants of all CEE counties to share their skills, experiences and knowledge about working in Wikimedia movement and to enable to new affiliations or small communities to learn from the more developed ones.


  • January 2013: Wikimedia Slovakia with Education@Internet proposed on CEE mailing list organising of CEE Meeting and informed that plan to apply for grant from International Vysegrad Fund to cover part of the costs. The proposal was generally accepted and WMSK applied for Vysegrad grant.
  • April 2013: During Wikimedia Conference was widely publicly announced the meeting. During the conference was confirmed the Vysegrad grant.
  • May 2013: Venue was definitely elected in Modra-Harmónia. The election was based on good presents of the venue, friendly prize and proximity of Slovakia capital.
  • Jule 2013: Program opinion poll was created and potential participants was asked to express their wills regarding the conference program.
  • September 2013: Interested members participated in program creation by proposals and drafting. Last in-venue meeting of organisers to agree accurate conditions.
  • October 2013: Finalising of preparations.
  • November 2013: The meeting is going to take place in half of November.

Budget and resources[edit]

Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here.

Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table


Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Translation conference materials, maybe programmes 1 month 1 300 300 EUR covered by WMSK and IVF[1]
2 accounting accounting 1 month 1 100 100 EUR covered by WMSK
3 organisational work - - - - 300 EUR covered by WMSK and E@I
4 transport by car - - - 200 EUR covered by E@I
5 web preparation of web and updating - - - 250 EUR covered by WMSK and IVF[1]
6 Office supplies basic office supplies and consumption material - - - 200 EUR covered by E@I, WMSK and IVF[1]
7 graphic graphic design work of 1 graphic designer - - 100 EUR covered by E@I

Subtotal: 1,450 EUR


Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Accommodation Hotel rooms person / night 60*3=180 14.5 € (2-bed room)
20 € (single room)
(avarage 16 €/night)
2880 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]
2 Meals Meals day/person 60*3=180 14 2520 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]
3 Travel home-venue-home - - - 6 940 EUR based on [1]
partly covered by IVF[1]
this is partly surveyed; some attendants explained that their estimation is the maximal able and hope to use lower cost transport
4 Travel visa 1 visa 35 / 60 7 345 EUR based on [2]
some visa can be for free
5 conference materials name badge, conference booklet 1 name badge, 1 conference booklet 2.5 60 150 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]

Subtotal: 12,835 EUR


Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 gift bag 1 bag 60 5.5 330 EUR
2 gift cup 1 cup 60 2.5 150 EUR
3 gift pen 1 pen 100 0.5 50 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]

Subtotal: 530 EUR

Social event[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Social event Wine tasting 1 wine tasting 1 200 200 EUR
2 Social event excursion to small ceramic factory 1 excursion 1 30 30 EUR

Subtotal: 230 EUR


Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 rent for venue rent for meeting rooms with equipment all rooms for whole event 1 900 900 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]
2 internet wifi for venue 1 day 4 days 75 € 300 EUR

Subtotal: 1,200 EUR


Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 banner touring banner 1 banner 1 40 40 EUR partly covered by IVF[1]
can be used for future meetings as discussed on the mailing list
2 banner roll-ups 1 roll-up 3 35 105 EUR 1 for conference, 2 for organiser for press conference

Subtotal: 145 EUR

Reserve for International Vysegrad Fund[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Reserve - - - - 1200 EUR after International Vysegrad Fund wire the final instalment we will refund this money to WMF

Subtotal: 1,200 EUR

Total cost of project
16,390 EUR
Total amount requested from the WMF Grants Program
6,540 EUR
there is included 1,200 refundable reserve which is not included into total cost
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded
  • Internation Vysegrad Fund (for attendants from Vysegrad group and related facilitators) - 6000 EUR
  • Wikimedia Serbia - 700 EUR
  • Wikimedia Polland - 3,300 EUR
  • Wikimedia Slovakia, E@I (own work) - 1.050 EUR
International Vysegrad Fund
  1. a b c d e f g h i j International Vysegrad Fund have funded part of this conference which is related to Vysegrad group countries.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of nonfinancial assistance available. Please inform Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance
participation of representative from Wikimedia Foundation
participation on press conference


This section is optional. It may be used to highlight the potential grantee's potential for successfully executing this project.

Consider including the following information:

  • List of team members (names or usernames):
  • Onwiki evidence of community support (such as a project about this discussion):
  • Endorsements from community members or movement groups:
  • Special skills or qualifications this potential grantee or project lead brings to this project:
  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects:
team members:
  • Peter BALÁŽ (E@I) - organiser of conferences KAEST, summer schools SES...
  • Kiril SIMEONOVSKI (WMMK) - helper with program
  • Matej GROCHAL (WMSK) - translator
  • Michal MATÚŠOV (WMSK) - main program organiser


In the sections below, please describe how the project is related to the Wikimedia mission and Wikimedia's strategic priorities.

Fit to strategy[edit]

How will this project support the key organizational objectives of
  • increasing reach (more people will access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
  • participation (more people actually contributing),
  • quality (more content, more useful content, or higher-quality content),
  • credibility (more trust in our projects),
  • organizational maturity and effectiveness (how it will move you or the Wikimedia community forward),
  • or financial sustainability (how it will help you achieve more in the long run)?
This statement should address at least one of the strategic priorities listed here specifically. See WMF Grants Program criteria for decisionmaking.

As many countries in CEE region is small, their respectively wiki communities have many same or similar problems including but not limited to small language environment (especially science one), lack of communications with more experienced or developed wiki community, partly "concurrence" with neighbour wiki projects. Similar principle is valid for respective affiliation or community striving to found one. Separate affiliation / community is developing slowly, but by merging our forces we can help one to another to grow.

Sphere of NGOs is generally undeveloped in CEE region and language barriers limits improvement exchanging. International meeting like this can help organisations to stand on sturdier basements and go forwards.


If the project will benefit a specific online community, please tell us.
The meeting is primary intended to help organisations with effective working and successful preparing of projects. Secondary, these organisations will be able to better support creating of content on Wikimedia projects. So, although the meeting in not intended to support specific project, it has potential to support number of projects in languages of CEE region.

Please provide a brief statement about how the project is related to other work in the Wikimedia movement. For example, does the project fit into a work area such as GLAM, education, organizational development, editor retention, or outreach?
This project falls mostly into development of organisations as it targets to share experiences and best practices amount many wikimedia chapters, other affiliaties and communites.

If successful, will the project have the potential to be replicated successfully by other individuals, groups, or organizations? Please explain how in 1–2 sentences.
This meeting is successor of meeting from 2012 and is intended to by be organised every year in different CEE country.

Please list other benefits to the movement here.

This conference can serve not only for respective communities of CEE but can help another communities to exchange improvements or encourage them to search for collaborations.

Positive media coverage and contacts with authority representatives can help in future development of Wikimedia movement in Slovakia as well as better acceptance of free licences (they are not valid yet in Slovakia).

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