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Pre-chapter logo of Wikimedia Slovakia

Wikimedia Slovenská republika or Wikimedia Slovakia (WMSK) is Wikimedia chapter-to-be for Slovakia. We have organised couple of competitions, presentations, speaks (not only in Slovakia), trainings, meetings (including Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013), some small projects and participated on various Wikimedia conferences. We are collabourating with another Wikimedia organisations and education / open movement organisations, both NGOs and national.

Intentions for Wikimedia SK goes back to 2006 but first strong call for founding appeared in beginning of 2011. After nearly 1 year of meetings, brainstormings and consultations with abroad Wikimedians we created core team of founders which formed a temporal board. Wikimedia SK was incorporated in December 2011 and our first general assembly took place in March 2012. Now we are in contact with Affiliation Committee about recognizing as Wikimedia Chapter.

For overview of founding process and work see: Wikimedia Slovenská republika/history


At the last general assembly on 16th January 2016 the new board and audit committee was elected.

  • Chair: Michal Matúšov (KuboF)
  • Vic-chair: Radoslava Semanová (Akdar)
  • Matej Grochal (Jetam2)
Audit Committee
  • Michal Páleník
  • Peter Baláž
  • Patrik Kunec (Armin)


Most up-to-date information about activity is on Slovak Wikipedia and official webpage

Plans of Wikimedia Slovakia[edit]

Cooperation with Slovak school system[edit]

  • informing libraries, schools, etc. about wiki-world

Photo projects for mapping Slovakia[edit]

Open ideas[edit]

  • competition to improve level of 1,000 vital Wikipedia articles
  • collaboration with municipalities about photos
  • literature projects for Slovak Wikipedians
  • GLAM collabouration
  • visit with Slovak and international open-source projects
  • cooperation with interested groups
  • projects for seniors
  • project of mentoring new editors
  • and other


  • Bylaw in Slovak
  • WMSK on Slovak Wikipedia
  • WMSK on Wikimedia Commons





Members and supporters of Wikimedia Slovakia
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