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Wikimedia Summit 2024/How to participate

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How to participate on-site in Berlin?


Step 1: Nomination of representatives from eligible Affiliates/hubs
🗓️ Now - August 15, 2023

Eligible Affiliates and Hubs can nominate one representative to apply for the Wikimedia Summit 2024 in Berlin.

  • In addition to their Berlin candidate, Affiliates and ongoing Hub projects can nominate two additional representatives to take part in the online engagement sessions prior to the Berlin event, so 3 representatives in total.
  • Special rule for Executive Directors: Affiliates with a paid Executive Director (see Executive Directors Group) can nominate two representatives as their Berlin candidates (e.g. Chair and Executive Director), and up to two additional representatives for the online sessions only. Hence, a total of four representatives. However, there is no guarantee that both representatives will be able to attend the Summit in Berlin. Both representatives will have to go through the application and their applications will be reviewed separately.

NOTE: We encourage affiliates to nominate representatives based on their degree of previous engagement around movement governance topics to increase their chance to participate in the Summit in Berlin.

Step 2: Register for the online engagement session (mandatory precondition to attend the Summit in Berlin)
🗓️ August 1 - August 20, 2023

A condition to attend the Summit in Berlin is to take part in the first round of online engagement sessions. These sessions are happening on the following dates:

The nominated representatives will receive a confirmation email to proceed with the registration for the online session on our event platform. The registration for the online engagement session will open on August 1 and close on August 16, 2023.

Step 3: Online engagement sessions
🗓️ August 29 - September 9, 2023

This year, an engagement process composed of a series of online events will be introduced to prepare the work that will happen in Berlin. Participation in the first online sessions happening in August/September 2023 is a condition to attend the Summit in Berlin. The goal of this session is to create a more level “thinking field” among diverse Summit participants about Wikimedia movement governance in the past, present and future.


  • Participants have a basic understanding of movement strategy as it relates to designing governance for the movement, as well as of big questions, terminology and scenarios.
  • Participants feel comfortable engaging in discussions and have begun to form opinions around big governance questions and how they affect their affiliates, communities and the movement as a whole.
  • All participants can engage in meaningful deliberations at the Wikimedia Summit 2024.

Please note that the online session will be offered via Zoom. You can refer to our data privacy policy for further information around data management and processing.

Step 4: Application survey
🗓️ September 11 - September 24, 2023

Representatives who have been nominated to attend the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin and have previously participated in one of the online sessions will be able to apply for the Summit via our event platform.

Given the program focus, selection will be based on demonstrated engagement around movement governance. Affiliates interested in attending the Wikimedia Summit 2024 are encouraged to engage with Movement Governance and the charter drafts.

Note: Affiliates without paid Executive Director can only nominate one of their representatives to attend the Summit in Berlin. Affiliates can make changes to their Berlin representatives until September 20 by contacting the organizers.