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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022
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Request for Comments or RFC is a discussion place where we are starting a few discussions and inviting you to share comments/views.

Why the need for RFC?: These are a few questions, where we do not know the exact answer, and we believe your comments/inputs will help in planning Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 or any other similar event. Let's learn from each other.

Every RFC component–

  • Question: Narrates the RFC topic in brief, in 1–2 sentences.
  • Opening Remarks: Explains the question in detail, narrates the things we already know, provides links to resources, and helps to prepare for the discussion.
  • Discussion: Main part of the RFC, where you will participate and share their comment/opinion/view. Although English might be the common language, feel free to write in any language.
  • Conclusion/Closing remark: (optional) draws conclusion, if applicable, at the end of the discussion.

This is a consultation for a decision to be made by the organising team, and we'll follow the best possible and feasible suggestion. All the comments will be helpful to improve our and everyone's learning.


  • Please participate in the RfC disucssion, share your experience and suggestions.
  • Do you have experience of managing RfCs? We need your help. Please share your suggestion on improving the RfC here, or feel free to directly make constructive changes in design, formatting, improving guidelines, instructions etc.


Here are the basic guidelines to follow.

  • Everyone is welcome: Everyone is welcome to comment, from all communities, and all Wikimedia projects.
  • Topic: All the topics will be directly related to WMWM or conducting the online event and remote participation in general.
  • In search of an answer: An RFC will ask those questions where there is no clear/perfect answer yet, and a collective or group discussion may help in finding a solution/answer.
  • Duration: An RFC will be open for at least 14 days (or more than that) unless a perfect answer is unanimously found and concluded before that.
  • Yksityiskohtainen kommentti: Kirjoita yksityiskohtaisesti välttäen lyhyitä kommentteja ilman selityksiä.
  • 'Ystävällinen keskustelu: Pidä keskustelu ystävällisenä välttäen henkilökohtaisia huomautuksia ja henkilökohtaisia hyökkäyksiä.


Tämä on luettelo aiheista, joista pyydämme yksityiskohtaista mielipidettäsi. Ole hyvä ja osallistu näihin keskusteluihin. Älä avaa uutta RFC-ketjua nyt.

RfC Avauspäivä Sulkemispäivä Tila
Community building 23. joulukuuta 2021 Ei vielä päätetty Aktiivinen
Verkkotapahtumat 23. joulukuuta 2021 Ei vielä päätetty Aktiivinen
Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022
StatusTo be Conducted
Begins18. helmikuuta 2022
Ends20. helmikuuta 2022
FrequencySecond iteration
CountryWorld Wide Web, India-focused
Previous eventWikimedia Wikimeet India 2021
ActivitySee schedule
Organised byA2K
For contact, please post on the Talk page or email:wmwm(_AT_)cis-india.org

Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2022 is an online wiki-event by A2K which will be conducted from 18 – 20 February 2022. It is the second iteration of Wikimedia Wikimeet India, the first such event was organised in 2021 on the occasion of International Mother Language Day in the month of February. This meet will be an entirely virtual wiki event on the national level. Through this event, the engagement and participation will be outside India as well. So, event participation is not restricted to any particular country.

The meet is the platform where Wikimedia communities, volunteers and users can communicate or interact with each other.


A few objectives of the Wikimedia Wikimeet India are:

  • To provide or create an entirely online platform for interacting regarding Wikimedia movement, wiki-learning and skill-share on anything related to Wikimedia projects.
  • To highlight and introduce a few prior focus areas to Indic Wikimedia family or communities or individuals.
  • Arrange some skill development training sessions and discussions on current important and relevant topics such as Wikimedia Strategy 2030 (this was also the major topic last time as well)
  • To appreciate experienced Wikimedians who are being with us and welcome & thank newbies who are amazingly contributing.

Why Wikimeet again?

Wikimedia Wikimeet 2021 was the first India virtual meet that was conducted for three days, especially, for Indian Wikimedians to learn and share. It attempted to provide an online platform for Wikimedians in India and Wikimedians who are working or interested in Indian content on Wikimedia projects.

Due to COVID-19 and its worldwide restrictions, A2K decided to try online large-scale meet instead of on-ground events.

For the last two years, we have been gradually shifting our focus towards online training and workshops. Although the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting related restrictions are a reason for this shift in focus, this is not the only reason to conduct such an event.

Through Wikimedia Wikimeet we would like to further explore learning/greeting/meeting in the online space.

Wikimedia Wikimeet India was an experimental online meet because it was the first virtual meet on the India level or national level. That was the medium of communication, interaction and learning where international Wikimedians or WMF staff also participated. There were a few obstacles either but the platform to listen or learn from others is important. Therefore, the second iteration is necessary for the growth of the Wikimedia movement, Indic communities, Wiki projects etc.


This event page, its subpages and related writing etc. follows terms and phrases mentioned in Glossary

This was the first iteration of Wikimedia Wikimeet India. Conducted for Indic Wikimedians to engage them.

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