Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Reports/2020

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This is the activity report for Wikimedians for Sustainable Development 2020.

The user group was recognized just as the pandemic began spreading across the world. It has, like for the rest of the world, had a severe effect on our planned activities. However, after a struggling start, we are ramping up our activities. As a group we are still finding our place and purpose. Our aim has been to be a hub of information and coordination for everyone doing activities related to sustainable development, regardless of whether it is done by affiliates or volunteers in the movement.

It's not easy to assess the state of sustainable development in the movement. It's still hard to get an overview of what is happening, but in general, we can see that many affiliates are trying out various activities related to sustainable development, but most don't have it in their strategy yet. In the movement strategy, there has been wide consensus both for aiming to reduce the impact from our activities (included in recommendation 1) and to focus on topics that have impact (in recommendation 8). What we need for 2021 is that affiliates show leadership in these with concrete plans and actions.

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  • Our Twitter account WikiSusDev had 326 followers at 2020-12-31.


There were 95 members in our Telegram group at 2020-12-31.


At 2020-12-31 we had 112 participants in the user group.