Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/minutes 2020 05 13

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This meeting[edit]

Wed May 13 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
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Agenda and notes[edit]

Items for every meeting
This meeting
  • design of this page
    • What should the sections be?
    • consider other models
      • Wikimedia Café
        • next event posted right on front page, later archived to other page
      • Wikimedia New York City
        • Links to upcoming events on main page, and events start on other page
      • WREN until now
        • static front page, events linked on "meetups" page, and events start on other page
  • Wikimedia Foundation grant funding reviews
    • Grants:Project/McMaster University Health Sciences Library Faculty & Researcher Engagement Effort
      • request second opinions about this rejection
      • proposal relates to Wikipedian in Residence at a school - rejection rational is that training is only possible in person
      • this is a problem because WMF has a perception that online events are less valuable than in person events
    • Other critiques from Lane
      • WMF refuses to deny proposals; they withdraw them, which mixes the ones they reject with ones which never completed submission
      • WMF disinclined to group proposals by region, and consequently, we have no funding data for WMF money by region
      • 5+ WMF-maintained grant pages, WMF not routinely watching any of them, no central place for wiki community to discuss grants
        • fix for this - a central grants page (WMF said their staff will not participate in such a thing, because they have separate staff for each of events, rapid grants, project grants, simple APG, and APG)
  • Wikimedia NYC organized an online symposium
  • 2030 Movement Brand Project - update from John Cumming the brand liaison