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Hello all! Let me start this page by thanking everyone who has been involved in the process of creating the Wikipedia & Education User Group. To witness a new organized collective emerge is always a bit magic, and this is especially true in our case, as we are in the forefront of creating new inspirations and uses of Wikimedia projects in education.

I was very proud to be appointed reviewer of the electoral process of the first board of this user group, and in this role I am publishing below the results of the Wikipedia & Education User Group Election 2018-2020. I thank all nominees and voters for getting involved. Results that follow were reviewed and approved by nominees, who had access to details of the methodology and process of the election.


Votes and results of the Wikipedia & Education User Group Election 2018-2020
User:Ziko User:Vojtěch Dostál User:Ananth subray User:KCVelaga User:Esh77 user:dungodung User:WikiTatik
Total votes* 32 11 42 27 60 44 54
Valid votes** 18 7 36 23 48 32 37
Rank 6 7 3 5 1 4 2

* Total votes: simple count of all votes that were recorded on the nomination-voting page.

** Valid votes: total votes without counting votes that were off the voting period and that were given by users who were not listed as supporters of the Wikipedia & Education User Group, in accordance to the rules of the election.

The board of the Wikipedia & Education User Group contains 5 members, so the following editors will serve at the 2018-2020 board:

Comments & Questions[edit]

Please, comments and questions on the electoral process should be made exclusively in the corresponding talk page.