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Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Team

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International Team[edit]

General Coordinators[edit]

Jamie Li-Yun Lin (talk)

General Coordinators & Contact Person. She has lead the WAM contest since 2019.

Addis Wang (talk)

General Coordinators. He first thought of Wikipedia Asian Month in 2015.

Community Team[edit]

What is Community Team?
Head of Community Team:
  • Reach out to the communities are not in WAM Family.
  • Supervising other Team members' work.
  • Provide Necessary Support to the local community along with Liaisons.

Community Liaison:

  • As the main contact for certain communities - Updates from International Team, answering questions, provide support.
  • Reach out to the community at least once a week to ensure everything goes smoothly (not only the local organizers but also the active participants).
  • Report feedback to others in the International Team.

Offline Event Support:

  • Reach out to the local community and encourage all kinds of offline activities.
  • Provide Support to Offline Events: advice, program designing, etc.

Media Team[edit]

What is Media Team?
Head of Media Team:
  • Supervising Team Members' work.
  • Finalizing the press and blog.
  • Outreach to media in all kinds, and support local organizers on Press affair.

Social Media Operator:

  • Daily Updates and interaction on Twitter and Facebook (Oct-Dec), less regular in other time.
  • Corporate with Social Media from other Affiliates.

Press Release Officer:

  • Drafting Press Release and blogs.
  • In assisting to the team leader.

Tech Team[edit]

Le Loi (talk)

Head of Tech Team.

Viztor (talk)

User Experience Specialist.

What is Tech Team?
Data Analysis Specialist:
  • Collect Data from WAM and analysis it, in order to help the team improve it.

User Experience Specialist:

  • Collect feedback from WAM users, and improve/ solve the problems that is the most important and demanding.

Support Team[edit]

What is Support Team?
Secretary of support team leader:
  • Event Reporting, Documents Management, miscellaneous tasks.

Financial Management:

  • Help the fund distribution, collect all receipts and draft the budget table.

Gift/Postcard Distribution:

  • Coordinating global gift distribution, and ensure the successful delivery.

Local teams[edit]

Wikipedia Asian Month is a federated contest and its existence and success relies on the people who stand up every year from many parts of the world to make it happen. The contest is covers 40 language Wikipedia. Below, you can find the information about the local organizers. Note that the list expands as communities sign up to participate in Wikipedia Asian Month.

>>> See Rules page and Events page for all organizers / partners of local events related to Wikipedia Asian Month.

Supporting Affiliates[edit]