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2022 Wikipedia Asian Ambassador is a honor title of Wikipedia volunteers as the recognition of their contribution on under-represented Asian content on various language versions of Wikipedia. This title is granted by Wikipedia Asian Month team.

Disclaimer: This recognition does not necessarily endorsed by Wikipedia, it's community, nor Wikimedia Foundation.


The second Ambassador is only applicable to the project when the participant ranking no.2 has 30 accepted articles or more. If your language is Not on the list, Please add it to the list.


Community Fountain tool/outreachdashboard First Ambassador Second Ambassador
(if applicable)
List of eligible editors (page link)
Arabic wikipedia dashboard حاتم البوعناني List of eligible editors
Bashkir Wikipedia Fountain Вәхит Яғалса List of eligible editors
Belarusian Classical Wikipedia outreachdashboard Stary Jolup W list
Bikol Wikipedia outreach dashboard Jay Bolero (45)
Bengali Wikipedia Fountain Shahadat WiKi Moheen
Bulgarian Wikipedia outreachdashboard Nk Not applicable List
Bosnian Wikipedia outreachdashboard AnToni
Catalan Wikipedia outreachdashboard & Fountain KajenCAT (54) Kuranes (46) List
Chinese Wikipedia Fountain AT Not applicable List of eligible editors
Croatian Wikipedia List Not applicable Not applicable
Czech Wikipedia outreachdashboard Podzemnik (42) Svajcr (36) List of eligible editors
English Wikipedia Fountain SabyaC (21) Not applicable List of eligible editors
Finnish Wikipedia outreachdashboard Lentokonefani (7) editor list
French Wikipedia Fountain
German Wikipedia outreachdashboard Maphry List of eligible editors
Greek Wikipedia outreachdashboard ΖῷονΠολιτικόν Nikos1nikos1 List of eligible editors
Hebrew Wikipedia outreachdashboard
Hungarian Wikipedia outreachdashboard Jávori István list of eligible editors
Italian Wikipedia outreachdashboard Vincenzo80 (22) Mastrocom (23), Boboseiptu (23) list of eligible editors
Japanese Wikipedia outreachdashboard
Korean Wikipedia outreachdashboard Sangjinhwa (42) Sadopaul (36) List
Latvian Wikipedia Fountain Jānis U. (6) List
Malay Wikipedia outreachdashboard WAqil (5) not applicable Eligible participants
Malayalam Wikipedia Fountain Kalesh (83) Meenakshi nandhini (66), Malikaveedu (66)
Marathi Wikipedia Fountain Vikrantkorde (19) List
Nepali Wikipedia Fountain & outreachdashboard
Odia Wikipedia Fountain
Romanian Wikipedia outreachdashboard KlaudiuMihaila N/A KlaudiuMihaila
Russian Wikipedia Fountain
Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia outreachdashboard Inokosni organ (9) list
Sindhi Wikipedia outreachdashboard & Fountain Momin Dahri
Slovak Wikipedia Fountain
Spanish Wikipedia outreachdashboard Dorieo (43) list
Swedish wikipedia outreachdashboard & Fountain tool Bairuilong (4)
Tagalog Wikipedia outreachdashboard Ryomaandres (34) Not applicable List of eligible editors
Tatar Wikipedia outreachdashboard Әмир (19) Not applicable list
Thai Wikipedia Fountain Chainwit. not applicable list
Turkish Wikipedia Fountain Yzkoc not applicable list
Odia Wikipedia Fountain Sangram Keshari Senapati