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Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece is an independent non-profit organization serving as a Wikimedia User Group in Hellas (Greece). The purpose of the Association is to equate everyone's chances to reach, interact with, and share knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education and art, as well as to promote and organize volunteering and charity related to the aformentioned purpose.


  • Promote use of Wikimedia projects by people in Greece
  • Help and assist people in Greece learn how to edit Wikimedia projects
  • Fuse Wikipedia and Education following UNESCO principles for Education in the 21st century
  • Promote freeing up and donating content, as an attitude, in Greece
  • Help and assist G.L.A.M. in Greece free up and share their content
  • Promote Wikimedia related voluntarism in Greece
  • Build healthy relationship with hellenic society by serving public good
    • Help special groups of hellenic society contribute to Wikimedia projects
    • Increase reach to free knowledge where needed in Greece
  • Organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians in Greece
  • Develop a healthy Wikimedia Community in Greece, also fighting gender gap

Target activities[edit]

  • Run Wikipedia Schools in more and more cities in Greece (long / short courses)
  • Assist GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) with training workshops
  • Try to phase-in Wiki Clubs for secondary education students
  • Promote and assist Wikipedia contributing at universities
  • Produce education material for Wikimedia project editing
  • Build tools for assisting teaching of Wikimedia projects
  • Collaborate with organizations in favor of the public benefit in Greece
  • Hold edit contests for Wikimedia content in Greece

Board members[edit]

  • President: Manos Kefalas
  • Vice President: Christos Nasios
  • General Sectetary: Mimika Krigka
  • Special Secretary: Vasileios Manimanis
  • Treasurer: Dimitrios Sotirakopoulos
  • Member: Menelaos Gkikas
  • Member: Georgios Trapalis

Significant news[edit]

  • On May 13 2017, by decision of its temporary board, WCSAG had board elections by its members, in Athens (Greece), in our offices. The board was elected successfully and on May 19 the roles of the board were assigned.

Annual reports (starting April 12, 2016)[edit]

2016 - 2017[edit]

2017 - 2018[edit]

  • Spring 2017 - 1st Lyceum of Vironas: 3 month program in Wikipedia Conributing - Dimitra Dailiana (prof.), Manos Kefalas
  • September 6 - Dare to Dream III conderence by Maria Kapetanidou, School Councilor of Athens: double seminar to Educators, on the results of Wikipedia School for primary education: "The little ones conquer the adults world: Students of Third Grade of Elementary School write Wikipedia articles" - September 6
  • October - 1 month seminar for adults in Kaisariani (Athens) - Φθινόπωρο 2017
  • October - February: Group training sessions in skype, twice a week for a month and once a week afterwards
  • Mentoring of experienced editors: After the October adult seminar in Kaisaraiani, experienced editors that took part in it continued courses after the seminar, as a smaller group (same place)
  • October - March: 6 month pilot program for senior citizens in Friendship Club of Grava (Athens)

November 2017 - March 2018: Collaboration with Global Community for enhancing Wikipedia School toοlkit for equity in contributing, translated and ported in several Wikipedias

Activities before recognition[edit]

  • ! or ! list of outreach activities (ManosHacker, since 2011)
  • List of outreach activities (Sotkil, since 2012)
  • Received a PEG grant in 2014
  • Run Wikipedia Schools in Athens (adults, secondary education students and professors, GLAM professionals) since May 2014
  • Run Wikipedia Festival, the first (and only so far) Hellenic Community all day event on May 12, 2015
  • Hosted two edit contests (February - March 2016) for Wikipedia School members (one for adults and one for secondary education students)
  • Meetup of 25 Hellenic Community members at TheJamesJoyce pub in December 19, 2015
  • Meetup of 24 Wikipedia School trainers/trainees at 2nd Gymnasium of Kaisariani for cutting our annual pie and plan the future - discussed and voted "Σύλλογος Βικιπαίδειας" user group name

Contact information[edit]

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