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There are plenty of ways of getting involved in this project. In short, you can join any of the community activities that bridge the knowledge gap or work on the technical development.

Technical development

On the technical side, there is always room for improvement in coding new visualizations based on cultural context content. Also, there are some ideas that would be nice to work on in the future.

If anyone wants to volunteer, we welcome new members to the project. These are the roles that . Please get in touch at or with marcmiquel.

  • Researcher
  • Systems administrator
  • Web developer
  • Community outreach
  • Editor

We especially need a systems administrator (!).

Future tasks and ideas:

  • Apply the same methods to obtain Cultural Context Content from other Wikimedia projects such as Wiktionary or Wikivoyage.
  • Provide a newsletter to inform of the new update on the stats on a monthly basis. This could work in a similar way to weeklypedia.

Current community activities

On the community side, the main need is to disseminate the project so everyone in the Wikimedia movement knows about it, e.g. writing e-mails, improving this same portal, etcetera.

These are some of the community initiatives aimed at spreading content across Wikipedia language editions. They may benefit from Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory, especially from the algorithm-generated Top CCC articles lists.

Currently, we are contacting them and disseminating this project. Are you part of them? Please get in touch.

Contests of coverage

Contests of spread: