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Theory of History on Wikipedia

General Information[edit]

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  • Coordinators at UFSC: Professor Flávia Varella and Professor Rodrigo Bonaldo.
  • Goals: The university extension project “Reformulation and construction of Wikipedia articles on Theory of History” is an initiative of professors of the History Department from the Federal University of Santa Catarina that aims to contribute with the production of articles made for consultation and investigation for the writing of school homeworks, essays and academic articles, and for the integration of different university proposals.
  • Duration: This extension project is scheduled to last two years (2018-2019).
  • Meeting times: Official meetings are always on Thursdays.
  • Location: Center of Philosophy and Human Sciences - Federal University of Santa Catarina (Florianópolis, Brazil).
  • Target Audience: Graduate and Undergraduate History students from UFSC.
  • Goals on Wikipedia: The project aims to, on each six months, feature the selected articles.


Video about the extension project's activities during the first semester of 2018 (with subtitles in English)

The "Theory of History on Wikipedia" project is an initiative of professors PhDs Flávia Florentino Varella and Rodrigo Bragio Bonaldo of the Department of History at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). It aims to contribute to the dissemination of historical knowledge to large audiences via an open and universal access platform known as Wikipedia.

The initiative also joins the "Wikipedia at the University" Project, supported by its ambassador at UFSC, Felipe da Fonseca. The purpose of the project (as it appears on its website) is to "encourage students, teachers and universities to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool, enabling new Wikipedians to develop skills and competences,enrollingg in collaborative productions of free knowledge, mainly contributing to the improvement of quality on the Portuguese Wikipedia".

Finally, the project is also allied to the Wiki-South group's campaign where "Wikipedia at the University" activities are developed.



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