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This page is a translated version of the page Wm-bot/i18n and the translation is 1% complete.
PermissionDenied=Permission denied;
Authorization=You are not authorized to perform this, sorry;
ChannelIn=This channel is already in db;
UserSc=Successfully added ;
InvalidName=غلط نام;
MessageQueueWasReloaded=Message queue was reloaded!;
Feed1=Channel had already feed enabled;
Feed2=Feed is enabled;
InvalidWiki=Invalid wiki;
Wiki+=Wiki inserted;
Wiki-=Wiki removed;
Feed3=Channel doesn't have enabled recent changes;
Feed4=خطاء ;
Feed5=: Wrong number of parameters;
InvalidUser=Invalid user;
Language=I will talk in English in here;
InvalidCode=Sorry, I don't know that language;
LanguageInfo=This command will change the language I speak in channel;
Silence1=Channel had already quiet mode disabled;
Silence2=Output will be no longer suppressed now;
SilenceBegin=I will not talk in here until you disable this;
Feed6=Channel had already feed disabled;
Feed7=Feed disabled;
Feed8=Error $1 wrong number of parameters, you need to provide 2 parameters;
Config=Channel config was reloaded;
ChannelLogged=Channel is already logged;
Trust1=Wrong number of parameters, go fix it - example @trustadd regex (admin|trusted);
LoggingOn=Channel is now logged;
Unknown=You are unknown to me :);
usr1=You are $1 identified by name $2;
LogsE1=Channel was already not logged;
NotLogged=Channel is not logged;
List=I am now in following channels: ;
infobot1=Channel had infobot disabled;
infobot2=Infobot disabled;
infobot3=Infobot was already enabled;
infobot4=Infobot enabled;
trustdel=Remove an entry from access list, example @trustdel regex -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40trustdel_regex for details;
refresh=Remove data from queue of messages to be send;
infobot-on=Turn on the infobot;
infobot-off=Turn off the infobot, preserve db;
channellist=Display the list of channels where bot should be used (only if it can join them);
trusted=Display access list for this channel;
add=Insert bot to a specified channel and give you admin rights for that -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#Getting_bot_to_the_channel for details;
trustadd=Make an entry to the access list, example @trustadd regex admin -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40trustadd_regex_level for details;
drop=Remove bot from a channel together with all collected data -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40drop for details;
part=Remove bot from a channel and preserve all config -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40part for details;
language=This command change language I speak in;
whoami=Display your current status in access list -- See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40whoami for details;
suppress-on=Disable output to channel;
reload=Read a config from disk;
logon=Start logging to a file;
logoff=Disable logging;
recentchanges-on=Turn on a feed of recent changes on wmf wikis;
recentchanges-off=Turn off the wiki feed;
recentchanges-=Remove a wiki from a feed, example @recentchanges- en_wikipedia;
recentchanges+=Insert a wiki to feed, example @recentchanges+ en_wikipedia;
rc-=Remove a page from rc list;
rc+=Create entry for feed of specified page, example @RC+ wiki page;
suppress-off=Enable output to channel;
key=It would be cool to give me also a text of key;
AliasRemoved=Alias removed!;
ResultsWereNotFound=No results were found, remember, the bot is searching through content of keys and their names;
Results=Results (Found $1): ;
ResultsFound=Total ;
Error2=Search took more than 800ms try a better regex;
Error1=This is pretty bad regex;
Search1=Could you please tell me what I should search for;
Error3=This key already exist - remove it, if you want to change it;
Unknown1=Unknown user level!;
infobot6=Key was added;
infobot7=Alias is already existing;
infobot8=Created new alias for this key;
infobot9=Successfully removed ;
infobot10=Unable to find the specified key in db;
infobot11=The shared db is already configured;
infobot12=Channel was configured to share the db;
infobot13=Shared infobot was disabled;
infobot14=Infobot was not shared, ignoring this;
infobot15=You can't configure this channel to share local db, because this channel is using shared db with another channel, thus the local db is locked;
infobot16=This channel doesn't have shared infobot;
infobot17=You can't link db host to another channel, disable sharing;
infobot18=This channel is already linked to $1 if you want to link it to another channel, you need to remove it;
infobot19=User $1 disabled access to shared db of target channel, since now this channel has local db;
db1=You inserted channel $1 to shared db;
db2=You removed access of channel $1 to shared db;
db3=This channel is already present there;
db4=This channel is not in a list;
db5=You can't insert this channel to db;
db6=Invalid number of params!;
db10=These channels now share the same infobot db;
db9=This channel has no access to database of requested channel, contact some of local admins to give you access there;
db8=This channel is not being used by me;
db14=Channel is already in;
db7=Unable to modify db, access denied, link to database isn't valid;
InvalidAlias=You didn't provide a valid alias name;
rcfeed1=There is no such a wiki in list of wikis;
rcfeed2=This channel is already watched;
rcfeed3=This channel is already not being watched;
rcfeed4=Deleted item from feed;
rcfeed5=Can't find item in a list;
rcfeed6=Unable to delete the string because the channel is not being watched now;
rcfeed7=Unable to delete the string from the list because there is no such a wiki site known by a bot;
rcfeed8=Invalid string, you can't use a wildcard like this;
rcfeed9=There is already this string in a list of watched items;
rcfeed10=Inserted new item to feed of changes;
rcfeed11=Unable to insert the string because the channel is not being watched now;
rcfeed12=Unable to insert the string to the list because there is no such wiki site known by a bot, contact some developer with svn access in order to insert it;
rcfeed13=Recent changes thread is still not loaded, please wait;
configure=Change a value of channel config, see: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WM-Bot#.40configure for more details;
configure-wrong=This value can't be stored;
configuresave=Value $1 was stored into $2 to config;
configure-va=Value of $1 can't be $2, please use correct data type;
infobot-c-e=There are multiple keys, refine your input: $1;
infobot-help=There is no such key, you probably want to try: $1;
infobot-share-on=Configure channel to share db;
infobot-share-off=Switch back to local db;
infobot-share-trust+=Give a channel rights to access your db;
infobot-share-trust-=Remove a channel from access list;
infobot-link=Set up a link to shared db using other channel;
fl=Change on $1 a page $2 was $3, changed by $4 link $5 edit summary: $6;
Trust1=This user has higher level than you, sorry;
Trust2=You can't delete yourself from db;
Trust3=User was deleted from access list;
hi=Hi $1, there is some error, I am a stupid bot and I am not intelligent enough to hold a conversation with you :-);
Trust4=User not found, sorry;
TrustedUserList=I trust: ;
infobot-ignore+=Insert a new string to ignore list for infobot;
infobot-ignore-=Remove item from ignore list of infobot;
infobot-ignore-ok=Item $1 was inserted to ignore list;
infobot-ignore-exist=Item $1 is already in list;
infobot-ignore-rm=Item $1 was removed from list;
infobot-ignore-found=Item $1 was not found in list;
infobot-data=Info for $1: this key was created at $3 by $2, this key was displayed $4 time(s), last time at $5;
info=Link to a db html file (no parameters);
invalid-data=Wrong number of params!;
commands=Display a list of known commands, each command is prefixed with at symbol;
StatE1=Statistics are already enabled;
StatE2=Statistics were already disabled;
Stat-off=Statistics are now disabled;
Statdt=Statistics DB was flushed;
Stat-on=Statistics were now enabled;
statistics-on=Generate statistics for a channel (enable);
statistics-off=Generate statistics for a channel (disable);
infobot-detail=Display a detail information (1 parameter);
seen=Display information about user activity;
seen-on=Seen is now enabled in the channel;
seen-off=Seen is now disabled in the channel;
seen-oe=Seen was already enabled;
seen-e2=Seen was already disabled;
seen-e=Seen is disabled in this channel;
seen-r=Regex db select took too much CPU time, and was aborted, try to optimize;
Rss1=Rss feed is already disabled on this channel;
Rss2=Rss feed has been disabled on channel;
Rss3=Rss feed is enabled on this channel;
Rss4=Rss feed has been enabled on channel;
Rss5=Invalid number of parameters, you need to specify name and url, for example @rss+ name (some url);
rss-on=Turn on a rss feed;
UnknownChan=I don't know about this channel, you need to specify some I am in;
rss-off=Turn off an rss feed;
rss-=Remove item from rss feed;
rss+=Insert item to rss feed;
Responses-PartFail=It would be cool to give me a name of channel you want to part;
Responses-List=I am in $1 channels in this moment;
Responses-Conf=Value of $1 is: $2;
Linkie-On2=Links are already automatically translated in this channel;
Linkie-On=Links will be automatically translated in this channel now;
Linkie-Off2=Links are already not automatically translated in this channel;
Linkie-Off=Links will not be automatically translated in this channel now;
Linkie-E1=There is no link in buffer for this channel :/;
Linkie-E2=That thing in my buffer is not a valid link;
Linkie-E3=This is not a valid link;
OpE1=Operator tools were already enabled on this channel;
OpM1=Operator tools have been enabled on this channel;
OpM2=Operator tools are now not in permanent mode on this channel;
OpE2=Operator tools were already not in permanent mode on this channel;
OpE3=Operator tools were already in permanent mode on this channel;
OpM3=Operator tools are now in permanent mode on this channel;
OpE4=Operator tools were already disabled on this channel;
OpE5=Sorry but I don't see this user in a channel;
OpE6=Sorry but I don't know hostname of this user... you will need to issue the ban yourself;
OpM4=Operator tools have been disabled on this channel;