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| steward =
| steward =
| other_projects =
| other_projects =
| other notes =
| username = putnik
| queues = info-ru
| babel = ru, en-2
| admin-wikipedia= {{/yes|ru}}
| admin-commons =
| admin-meta =
| account-foundation =
| steward =
| other_projects = commons, MediaWiki
| other notes =
| other notes =

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This page lists people who contribute to Wikimedia OTRS, with various details useful for collaboration and coordination for reference in finding people who can answer a ticket. If you have an OTRS account, please add yourself! If you have trouble with the templates, just leave your information unformatted on the talk page so one of the gnomes who watchlist this page can add it for you.


This is a table of people with accounts on OTRS and their roles on various projects. Users should list projects on which they have adminship, or for the Foundation site login. Other notes include committees, local chapter officers, or other positions that may be relevant. Please especially list language proficiencies in languages for which there is no OTRS queue yet first.

User Queues Babel WP Commons Meta WMF Stew Other projects Other notes
555 info-pt, permissions pt, en-1, es-1, gl-1  y   y  pt.wikisource (admin, bureaucrat) large familiarity with pt.wp, pt.wikt, pt.wikibooks
80686 info-als, info-de, wm-ch als, de, en-3, fr-1 als MediaWiki Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia Deutschland
ABCD info-en en, es-1 en  y 
AlisonW urgent-en, legal, press, info-en en, de-2, fr-2 en  y   y  Wikimedia UK Chair
Alphachimp info-en en en
Alphax permissions, info-en en  y  Commons CheckUser
Wikimedia AU
Amgine urgent-en, press, info-en en en.news communications committee - inactive
Angela board-private, urgent-en, board, press, info-en en, de-1 en  y  many board member
communications committee
wikimania program team
Anthere board fr, en enfr  y   y   y  many board member
special projects committee
Atluxity info-no no, en-4, da-2, sv-2, nn-2 no
AtonX info-sk, permissions-sk sk, cs-4, en-4, de-3, fr-2, ru-2 sk b:sks:sk

Austin noc, wikimania-*, info-en en, es-2 chapter committee
wikimania managing organizer
Badseed info-el el, en-3, it-1 el
Bastique info-en, permissions en, fr-3, es-2, la-2 en  y  Volunteer Coordinator for the Foundation
Bensin info-sv sv, en-3
Bratsche info-en en, es-2, la-2 en
Bookofjude info-en en en en.source
Brassratgirl info-en, wikimania en special projects committee, Wikimania organizer
C-M permission-de de, en-2 commons
CapitalistRoadster info-en en en
Centrx urgent-en, info, permissions en, fr-1 en account list
Cnyborg info-no no, en-3, nn-3, da-2, sv-2, de-1 no  y 
Cormaggio info-en en en
Dada info-el el, en-2, fr-2 el el.wikisource (sysop) el.wp bureaucrat
Daniel.Bryant info-en is-3, en en account list en.wp mediator
David Gerard press en en communications committee
en.wp checkuser
Wikimedia UK
Dbl2010 info-tr tr, en-3, de-2, az-2, tk-1 tr  y  special projects committee
Dmcdevit info-en en en en.wp Arbitrator
Doc glasgow info-en en en
drini info-es, info-en, permissions, stewards es, en-5 nahenes  y   y  q:es bureaucrat (nah, es), translation
Dr. Shaggeman info-de de, nds-3, en-3, fr-1 de
Effeietsanders info-nl, wm-nl, press-nl, wcn nl, en-2, fr-1, de-1, la-1 nltn  y  s:nl, nl.wm, b:nl, w:nl bc. Wikimedia NL board
Elitre info-it, permissions-it it, en-3, fr-2 it Member of Wikimedia Italia
Fantasy info-it, info-en, info-de de, en, it, fr ende  y  (currently construction work at home... ;-) I hope to be back more productive at the end of 2007
FCYTravis info-en en en  y 
Flcelloguy info-en en en  y  simple.wikt admin communications committee
en.wp arbitrator
en.wp mediator emeritus
FloNight info-en en en en.wp arbitrator
Frieda info-it, permissions-it, admin en-3, it it  y  many admin on otrs, chair of Wikimedia Italia, special projects committee (inactive), bureaucrat or admin in some other projects
Fuzheado info-en en en

gaillimh info-en ga, en, fr-2, la-2, es-1 enga  y 

Geraki info-el el, en-2 el el.wikipedia bureaucrat
el.wikisource bureaucrat

Glen S info-en en en
Golbez info-en en, jp-2 en  y   y 
Gribeco info-en, info-fr, permissions-fr en, fr fr
Grön info-sv sv, en-2, de-1 sv  y  sv.wiktionary admin
guillom press, press-fr, wm-fr, stewards, permissions, info-fr fr, en-3 fr  y   y  meta, Wikiversity en/fr/beta Wikimedia France,
Marketing committee
Hashar noc, info-fr fr, en fr, en Developer
sysadmin (not on OTRS often)
helix84 info-sk, info-en sk, cs, en-3, de-2, it-1 sk Translator
Improv info-en en, es-2, de-2 en
Interiot info-en en en
Jacopo info-it, permissions-it it, en-2, de-1 it member of Wikmedia Italia
jd info-fr, permissions-fr fr, en-3 fr admin inactive
Jdforrester info-en en en  y   y  Wikimedia UK
Wikimedia Research Officer
IRC Group Contact
Jeandré info-en af, en-2, nl-1
Jkelly permissions-en, permissions-commons, info-en en, fr-2 en  y   y 
JoanneB info-en nl, en-4, fr-1, de-1 en
Johnleemk info-en en, ms-2 en ms.wp
Jon Harald Søby info-no, stewards no, en-3, nn-3, da-2, sv-2, de-1, es-1, eo-1 nano  y  MediaWiki localisation language subcommittee member
Jredmond urgent-en, info-en en en
Kaare info-da da, en-3, no-2, sv-2, de-2, nn-1, es-1, kl-0 dakl
Kelly Martin urgent-en, info-en en, de-1
Kim Bruning wcn, info-en en, nl, de-2, fr-1
Kjetil r info-no, permissions no, en-3 no  y 
Kph info-no no, en-3, nn-3, da-3, sv-2, de-3 no
Lar info-en en, de-1 en  y   y  'crat on (non WMF)
Great Lakes Wiki
10 on #wikipedia,
Laurentius info-it, permissions it, en-2 it
Lennert B info-de, permissions-de de, en-4, fr-3 de  y 
loco085 info-es, info-pt, permissions-commons es, en-3, pt-2, de-1 es  y  many Com-proj
M7 info, steward, strange_stuff it, en-3, es, fr, de- it  y  spam removal
Mark Ryan info-en en en
Martinp23 info-en en en
MaxSem stewards ru, en-2 ru  y 
Mbimmler wm-ch, info-de, info-en de, en-3, fr-2  y  Wikimedia CH secretary
MECU info-en, permissions-commons, commons-admins en  y 
MichaelDiederich info-de, permissions-de, presse-de de, en-3 de bureaucrat on de.wp, de.wikiquote, admin de.wiktionary
Mido info-ar ar, en-4 ar  y  ar.wp checkuser
Mindspillage admin, urgent-en, info-en en, es-1 en en.news WMF boardmember
communications committee
Morven info-en en, fr-1, de-1 en  y  en.wp Arbitrator
en.wp checkuser
mzlla info-fi, info-en, permissions-en fi, en-3, sv-2, de-2  y  Finnish projects
newmanbe permissions-en, permissions-commons, info-es en, es-1, eo-1 Sysop on the English Wikisource
Ngb urgent-en, info-en, info-es es-3, en, ca-3, fr-2, pt-1, ja-1 en
Nick urgent-en, info-en en en Spamda creator
Nick1915 info-it, permissions-it en-2, it, fr-1, es-1 vec many member of WM-IT board
Nilfanion permissions, info-en en, fr-1 en  y 
Nojhan info-fr, wm-fr, fr, en-1 fr
Nina info-de, wm-de, de, en-2 de Wikimedia Deutschland
notafish admin, board, info-fr, wm-fr fr, en-4, de-3, it-2, es-2 fr  y   y  many chair chapters committee
Paginazero info-it, permissions it, en-2, ru-2 it
Pap3rinik info-it, permissions-it it, en-2, fr-1
para permissions-commons, info-fi fi, en-4, fr-2, sv-1 y
Pathoschild info-en en, fr en  y  en-source, en-wiktionary
Pfctdayelise permissions, info-en zh-2, en  y 
Pill info-de de, en-2, it-1 de-wiktionary
Pilotguy info-en en en simple.wikipedia
poupou info, permissions, press, wm-donations de, en-3, it-1, fr-1 de
putnik info-ru ru, en-2 ru commons, MediaWiki
~Pyb info-fr, press-fr, wm-fr, permissions fr, en-2 fr  y   y  communications committee - Wikimedia France
Ral315 none, until March 2008. en en  y  en.news admin en.wp mediator emeritus
Access voluntarily removed until I turn 18.
Raul654 press en, es-1 en  y   y 
Raymond_de info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en-3, nl-2 de  y 
Rdsmith4 urgent-en, info-en la-2, en, es-3 en  y   y 
Riggwelter info-sv sv, en-4, de-2, fr-2, da-1, no-1, et-1 sv

Robth permissions-en en en
Ryan Delaney urgent-en, info-en en en malathion on commons and meta until I can get name changes approved
Samulili info-fi, permissions, permissions-commons, Commons-admins fi, en-3, sv-3 fi  y  fi:wikt, and more

Sannse admin, urgent-en, info-en en en  y  communications committee
Sarah Ewart info-en en en Wikimedia Australia en username is now Sarah, Wikimedia Australia
Schiste info-fr, info-en fr, en-3 fr Wikimedia France
Sean Whitton info-en en en en.wp mediator
IRC group contact
Senpaiottolo info-it, permissions-it it, en-2, fr-1 it Member of Wikimedia Italia
Shanel permissions-en, info-en en, fr-2 en en wikisource
Shell Kinney info-en en, es-2, fr-3, ru-1 en fka Jareth
Shimgray urgent-en, info-en en en
Shizhao info-zh zh, en-1,ru-a zh  y   y   y  zh.wikt, zh.b, zh.s, zh.n
silsor info-en en en  y 
Solensean admin, info-fr, wm-fr, press-fr fr, en, de-1, it-1 fr fr.wp checkuser
Wikimedia FR
communication committee - inactive
Tangotango permissions-en, info-en ja, en ensimple  y 
Tdevries wcn, info-nl nl, en-2, de-1 nl
Thebainer info-en en en
Timichal info-cs, permissions cs, en-3, de-1, fi-1 cs  y   y  incubator
Tony Sidaway info-en en, fr-2, la-2, es-1 en
UninvitedCompany urgent-en, info-en en, es-3 en en.wp checkuser
en.wp bureaucrat
former en.wp Arbitrator
Versageek info-en, wikt-en-info en, es-1 en.wikt en.wikt admin
Vito Genovese info-tr, info-en tr, en-4, de-3, ady-1 tr
Wegge info-da da, en-3, sv-2, no-2 da  y  da-wikt
Zirland info-cs, dal-feedback, commons-admins cs, en-3, pl-3, sk-2 cs  y 
Zscout370 ? en en  y  many
Zuirdj info-es, info-pt es, en-2, pt-1 es  y  many es-wp bureaucrat; communications committee

Particular expertise

This table lists people with particular relevant expertises, which helps OTRS users assign tickets to users who can best deal with them.

Expertise Users
Open/zombie proxies Pathoschild
Revision deletion Pathoschild, Jon Harald Søby
Advanced wikisyntax Pathoschild, Jon Harald Søby
Wikimedia statistics, downloading the content, another technical issues mzlla
(replying in lawyer-speak for when we don't want to officially be seen to use a lawyer)