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This page is a translated version of the page Abstract Wikipedia/Requirements and the translation is 33% complete.
This is part of the Abstract Wikipedia development plan.
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The following strong requirements are based on the principles and practices of the Wikimedia movement:

  1. Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will be Wikimedia projects, maintained and operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. This mandates that Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will follow the founding principles and guidelines of the Wikimedia movement.
  2. The software to run Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will be developed under an Open Source license, and will depend only on software that is Open Source.
  3. The setup for Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions should blend into the current Wikimedia infrastructure as easily as possible. This means that we should fit into the same deployment, maintenance, and operations infrastructure as far as possible.
  4. All content of Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will be made available under free licenses.
  5. 衡量 Abstract Wikipedia 和 Wikifunctions 成功与否的标准是创建健康的社区,以及用以前无法获取知识的语言提供多少知识。
  6. 摘要 维基百科将遵循许多单个维基百科确定的原则:特别是中立观点、可验证性、可记性和无原创研究(由社区能力开发和每个本地维基社区进一步发展)。
  7. 摘要 维基百科和维基功能将完全国际化,可以用维基媒体项目的所有语言使用和编辑。是否完全本地化取决于社区。
  8. 首要目标是依次支持本地维基媒体、维基数据和其他维基媒体项目。次要目标是发展我们自己的社区。第三目标是支持世界其它地区。
  9. 当地的维基百科社区必须能够控制 Abstract Wikipedia 对他们的影响程度。如果他们不想受其影响,完全可以置之不理,而不会有任何改变。

抽象维基百科的开发者不决定抽象维基百科的内容,就像 MediaWiki 的开发者不决定维基百科的内容一样。与其他维基媒体项目不同的是,开发人员将积极参与建立和启动最初的类型和函数集,在维基函数中为抽象维基百科创建必要的函数,并帮助启动语言渲染器社区。与其他项目不同的是,抽象维基百科和函数维基的开发团队最初会更多地参与项目,但目的是尽早将所有工作移交给社区。


  1. Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions are a socio-technical system. Instead of trying to be overly intelligent, we rely on the Wikimedia communities.
  2. The first goal of Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions is to serve actual use cases in Wikipedia, not to enable some form of hypothetical perfection in knowledge representation or to represent all of human language.
  3. Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions have to balance ease of use and expressiveness. The user interface should not get complicated to merely cover a few exceptional edge cases.
  4. What is an exceptional case, and what is not, will be defined by how often they appear in Wikipedia. Instead of anecdotal evidence or hypothetical examples we will analyse Wikipedia and see how frequent specific cases are.
  5. Let's be pragmatic. Deployed is better than perfect.
  6. Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will provide a lot of novel data that can support external research, development, and use cases. We want to ensure that it is easily usable.
  7. Wikifunctions will provide an API interface to call any of the functions defined in it. But there will be a limit on the computational cost that it will offer.
  8. Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will be editable by humans and by bots alike. But the people running the bots must be aware of their heightened responsibility to not overwhelm the community.

Continued in Abstract Wikipedia architecture.