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Amical Wikimedia/Strategischer Plan 2014-2018

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This page is a translated version of the page Amical Wikimedia/Strategic Plan 2014-2018 and the translation is 50% complete.

The Amical Wikimedia Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 addresses five priorities that will foster (1) activities to be performed, (2) internal organization, and (3) Amical's relationship with users and other communities.

5 Prioritäten

Die fünf Prioritäten sind die Folgenden:

  1. Cohesion. Good internal atmosphere at Amical, as well as strong links with project editors, should be maintained so Amical's growth does not affect negatively the personal behaviors of volunteer commitment and shared values.
  2. Discourse. Our purpose is to spread Amical's way of doing things, by exhibiting behavior that helps us to construct and justify what we do and, at the same time, promote that everyone involved in the projects feels actually involved in Amical.
  3. Content. The main goal of any Amical's activity is to improve access to knowledge and promote its free use by everybody, by means of the growth and enhancement of the Catalan Wikipedia and sister projects' content. Another goal is yet to spread Catalan culture in other languages.
  4. Territory. Amical Wikimedia gathers members from different Catalan-speaking regions and members from others World areas who love this language and culture. Our purpose is to be present in all these places to increase our territorial equilibrium.
  5. Readers. Our last objective is to increase the number of readers of Catalan Wikimedia projects; since most Catalan-speaking people are able to read in more than one language, they may switch to other language versions, or they may even be unaware of Catalan versions of such initiatives.


In line with reporting all our actions transparently, we have set some monitoring targets, or Key Performance Indicators, to help evaluate achievement of the desired goals related to those priority lines of work; otherwise, should targets not be met, these indicators will assess how far have we arrived and what can we do to accomplish our objectives. Success targets (for 2018) are the following:

  1. Involve 50% of Amical members in at least one activity every year
  2. Maintain or increase the percentage (more than 40%) of highly active Catalan Wikipedia users bearing Amical membership, to keep a strong link between the Association and the community of editors.
  3. Publicly share 10 model documents about Amical's values and projects every year
  4. Achieve the number of 700 editors with more than five edits per month in Catalan Wikipedia
  5. Reach 750,000 articles in Catalan Wikipedia, along with 2,000 Featured Articles
  6. Hold at least one in-person activity in every zone of the Catalan-speaking territories every year
  7. Increase the number of page views to 60 million per month