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Bridges across Cultures
1st edition, October 15 - November 15, 2017


We are pleased to announce the results of our multilingual wiki-collaboration contest, Bridges across Cultures, which has taken place among languages from both Latin America and the Middle East & North Africa in October/November 2017.

The contest was organized by Wikimedia affiliates of different countries, including Argentina, Brazil and Chile (Latin America) and Iran, Levant, and Turkey (MENA), with the aim of exchanging cultural experiences and values between the two regions; as the contestants from either Latin America or MENA were asked to write and expand Wikipedia articles related to the rich and unique culture of the other region.

In total, 832 articles were created or improved as part of this contest: 427 articles about Latin American culture were expanded in Arabic, Persian and Turkish Wikipedia, while 415 articles about MENA culture were done in Spanish and Portuguese Wikipedia. 64 different participants submitted at least one article to the contest.

ِ As for the results, six prizes are designated for the best performing contestants (with three being dedicated for the best participants from either Latin America or MENA). The prizes will be awarded for the following users who achieved the highest points:

Latin America[edit]

  1. Rosarinagazo
    Spanish Wikipedia
    1210 points
    Prize: A USD 250 gift card, or equivalent.
  2. Tuga1143
    Portuguese Wikipedia
    1150 points
    Prize: A USD 150 gift card, or equivalent.
  3. MarisaLR
    Spanish Wikipedia
    Prize: A USD 100 gift card, or equivalent.

Middle East & North Africa[edit]

  1. محک
    Persian Wikipedia
    890 points
    Prize: A USD 250 gift card, or equivalent.
  2. Abdou7878
    Arabic Wikipedia
    810 points
    Prize: A USD 150 gift card, or equivalent.
  3. Mohammed alzaidy
    Arabic Wikipedia
    760 points
    Prize: A USD 100 gift card, or equivalent.

Hopefully, we intend to continue and further extend this successful experience in 2018 and in the following years. If you are interested in including your language project in future versions, please get in touch with the contest’s organizers.

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Detailed results[edit]

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