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CEE Newsletter is a community-written and edited newsletter which covers topics related to the Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). A new issue is published every few months as we are testing the best format during 2023.

CEE Newsletter is open for every user, affiliate and/or organizations connected in some way to the CEE region.

How can you participate?[edit]

Participation is open to all interested users, affiliates and/or organizations connected in some way to the CEE region by simple submission form in the Newsroom of the CEE Newsletter. Please follow four steps described below.

In case you have an idea but you do not know how to proceed or you do not have resources to write an article on your own, please contact the CEE Hub staff and we will support you and help you to create your article.

First step: Start your article.
Please use the form in the Newsroom where you can start writing your article by writing your username.
Second step: Choose your topic.
Which topic and/or story is suitable for the Newsletter?
Every topic that you consider important or you want others in the CEE region (and broader) to know about is a suitable topic.
These are some of the examples of possible topics:
  1. Community events such as meet-ups, editing contests, achievements/celebrations of Wikipedia language versions, etc.
  2. Affiliate organized events such as edit-a-thons, partnership activities (in Education, GLAM, etc.), photographic competitions, QR-pedia projects, etc.
  3. Your personal opinion on anything connected to Wikipedia and Wikimedia world.
Third step: Upload some images and/or graphics, if you want.
Please add images and/or graphics in your article for better illustration, if you have them.
Fourth step: Read once again and submit it.

After your submission, editorial team will review it, categorizing it together with other articles submitted by other users, proofread it and finally your article will be published in the next volume of the CEE Newsletter.

In case your article is not suitable for the CEE Newsletter, editorial team will notify you.