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Wikimedia Summit India 2019 is an national-level event which intends to prepare representatives of various user groups, affliates, committees, groups, and teams associated to Wikimedia foundation from India who are going to attend in Wikimedia Summit 2019 and helping them understand about Movement Strategy process.


Invitees of this event are Indian participants of Wikimedia Summit 2019 (List of all participants of Wikimedia Summit 2019) who are primarily associated with Wikimedia movement in India.

Username Representing Affliation Attended?
अजीत कुमार तिवारी Hindi Wikimedians User Group YesY
User:Pavanaja Karavali Wikimedians User Group YesY
User:Hellohappy Odia Wikimedians User Group
User:Nitesh Gill Punjabi Wikimedians YesY
User:Info-farmer Tremendous Wiktionary User Group YesY
User:Gurlal Maan Wikisource Community User Group YesY
User:Bodhisattwa West Bengal Wikimedians User Group
User:Rohini Simple APG Committee YesY
Chinmayisk Simple APG Committee
User:Saileshpat [lower-alpha 1] Capacity Building working group YesY
User:THasan (WMF) [lower-alpha 1] WMF strategy core team YesY
User:Pavan Santhosh (CIS-A2K) [lower-alpha 1] Centre for Internet & Society - Access to Knowledge Program YesY
Sunil Abraham [lower-alpha 1] Special Invitee YesY

Apart from these invitees, few organizers and speakers participated in their offical capacity.

  • Tito Dutta, Program Manager, CIS-A2K.
  • Kaarel Vaidla, Process Architect for Wikimedia Movement Strategy (Remotely as speaker)
  • Nicole Ebber, Program Manager Movement Strategy (Remotely as speaker)
  • Rupika Sharma, Movement Strategy team

Event details[edit]

  • Dates: 16, 17 March 2019
  • Place: New Delhi, India
  • Venue: Centre for Internet and Society, First floor, B 1/8, Hauz Khas, near G Block market, take the gate opposite Southy, New Delhi, 110016.


The Wikimedia Summit 2019 (WMSummit 19) will be designed along the needs and status of the Movement Strategy Process and its Working Groups, as well as the participants’ input. The 2019 event will be an important milestone of the Movement Strategy Process.

Wikimedia Summit India 2019 will serve following goals:

  • Helping participants understand Ongoing phase in movement strategy process: Some of the participants are participating in Movement strategy process' ongoing phase in different capacities, while others might not have a good understanding about it. This conference aims to improve understanding about strategy process especially regarding 9 strategy Working groups and their scoping.
  • Preparation for WMSummit 19: The Summit will be an occasion where the affiliates’ and WMF’s leadership will come together to check in on the broader direction of the Strategy Process, with the opportunity to reinforce their co-ownership in this process. All Working Groups will have reached the point in their work where they prepare to draft and discuss first recommendations within their thematic area. From Indian Wikimedia movement's perspective, this offers them an opportunity to share their experience in different thematic areas of strategy process and help the broader movement strategy to have different perspectives. Also, this helps Indian Wikimedia movement to utilize experiences and learnings from different areas of Wikimedia movement and utilize them to grow the movement in India exponantially. Wikimedia Summit India 2019 also aims on gathering the collective and diverse experiences and learnings of Indian Wikimedia movement and understand where they can help in movement strategy process.

Code of Conduct[edit]

Please read and follow the Code of Conduct (COC) during the event. The link is here. (


Friday - 15 March 2019
  • 6:30 PM to 8 PM: Introductions
Saturday - 16 March 2019
  • 10 AM to 10.30 AM: Introduction to WMSummit India 2019 & Theme of WMSummit 2019
  • 10.30 AM to 10.50 AM: Strategy Process: Necessity
  • 11:05- 11:25 AM: Strategic direction 2030
  • 11:25 AM - 12:00 PM: Strategy Process: Timeline
  • 12.00 AM - 01.00 PM: Introduction to Working Groups
  • 1.00 PM - 2.00 PM: Lunch
  • 2.00 PM to 2.30 PM: Organised affiliates and Strategy process
  • 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM: Scoping documents
  • 3:30 PM to 4.00 PM: How communities and affliates can be part of strategy process
  • 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM: Potential Impact of Strategy process
Sunday - 17 March 2019
  • 10.00 AM to 10:30 AM: What can we learn from other Open movements regarding strategy process
  • 10:30 AM to 11.30 AM: Interlink participants' community activities with the movement strategy process
  • 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM Discussion on potential questions of scoping documents
  • 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM: Lunch
  • 1.30 PM to 2:30 PM: Consulting their community and framing agenda before WMSummit 2019
  • 2.30 PM to 2.40 PM: Closing words


Wikimedia Summit India 2019 was a national-level event to prepare representatives of various user groups, affiliates members, staffs, committees, and working groups associated with Wikimedia movement from India who attended Wikimedia Summit 2019. The event focused on helping the participants help and understand about Movement Strategy process.

The Access to Knowledge team at CIS organised the Wikimedia Summit India 2019, It is second the iteration of previously known Wikimedia conference India. As the theme of Wikimedia Summit in Berlin was the Movement Strategy 2030, Wikimedia Summit India also focused on the same. The event was hosted on 16, 17 March 2019 at New Delhi, for the participants attending Wikimedia Summit in Berlin. Please find out the participant list along with the speakers and organizers here.

Group picture of Wikimedia Summit India 2019

The event started with an introduction to the idea of why we are organising the summit for the participants explaining them the “Theme of Wikimedia Summit 2019”. As an invited speaker and the member of the core team of Wikimedia movement strategy process, User:THasan (WMF) explained about “How and why Wikimedia Conference, a working conference of the affiliates to discuss ideas, works, and plans changed to Wikimedia Summit with strategy as a major theme in both structural and programmatic level”, followed by necessity of the strategy process in the current stage by User:Pavan Santhosh (CIS-A2K) which explained about various changes and opportunities in and around Wikimedia movement that lead to the strategy process. User:Pavan Santhosh (CIS-A2K) is a member of Community Health working group and was representing the Summit on behalf of CIS-A2K.

Strategy direction for 2030 was introduced by User:Saileshpat which raised to various discussions around Knowledge as Equity and Knowledge as Service.

The participants were also introduced about the timeline of the current strategy process by User:Saileshpat and User:THasan (WMF), where they underwent an exercise to learn about various working groups and select one working group theme to work, followed by Rupika, she helped the participants to understand how they or other community members and affiliates can be part of the movement strategy process.

User:Nicole Ebber (WMDE)'s presentation in Wikimedia Summit India 2019

Joined later, User:KVaidla (WMF) and User:Nicole Ebber (WMDE) the members of core team of movement strategy process explained about how the strategy process helps us re-imagining ourselves as a global movement. User:Nicole Ebber (WMDE) gave various key questions from different working groups scoping documents, explained how these questions can result in recommendations that can make a big difference in the movement.

The second day started with Sunil Abraham’s session about “What can the Wikimedia movement learn from other Open movements regarding strategy process”, where various participants shared learnings from different movements they are associated with outside Wikimedia world. Followed by the session, participants were segregated into groups based on their choice of working group theme and reviewed working groups’ scoping documents. The event ended with participants sharing their feedback followed by a closing note from User:Tito (CIS-A2K).

A few learnings from the event were, A2K conducted Wikimedia Summit India 2019 two weeks before the Wikimedia Summit. We have got feedback from a few participants that it would be better if this conference held slightly before so that after the event they get enough time to work on the learning to prepare themselves. Schedule of the event was well planned and short.


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